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Law roundup: Flailing man ‘just being his normal self’

| September 29, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone wanted Kalispell Police Department to check on a man’s welfare after they saw him throwing his arms around, waving his shirt, and yelling. Officers checked on the man who was “just being his normal self.”

Officers received a report that a bearded older man in a vehicle allegedly pulled a gun out and pointed it at someone, saying, “We kill people in Montana,” noting he had more firearms in the trunk.

An intoxicated woman wearing a pink sweatshirt and gray leotard was lying in the road behind the mall.

A concerned parent reported a group of kids who allegedly chased their child. The parent said these were the same kids who had previously assaulted their child and threw him to the ground.

A man in a park bathroom reportedly was yelling for help for about five minutes and then went quiet.

A man in a red 4Runner with a missing bumper almost ran over someone behind the mall.

Someone allegedly caught a man trying to steal a customer’s Corvette and got him to leave.

A neighbor was leaving “inappropriate and abusive” notes on a woman’s door and in her mailbox complaining about barking dogs that were being cared for by a sitter.

A woman’s vehicle was spray-painted and the tires slashed.

Three to four homeless people purportedly were digging up a sprinkler line to get water and a building manager wanted to press charges for “destruction of property.”

A woman, who sounded intoxicated and hard to understand, called 911 and hung up.

A mattress was discovered behind a building and the building owner wanted officers to check the area in case someone was trying to live there.

A transient in a wheelchair was drinking near a warehouse and an employee wanted him gone. The man picked up his empty containers and moved along.

Someone purportedly lifted up a metal shipping container and put wood under it, which someone couldn’t remove. The person told officers there wasn’t any damage and thought someone may have been looking for a stray cat; however, they requested extra patrol during the night.

A man reportedly jumped out from between two recycling containers, scaring a woman and her son.

A salon employee asked officers to check on the welfare of an extremely intoxicated man in a wheelchair, who kept coming into the business, and then move him along.

A bearded man with scruffy dark hair was standing in a duck pond, yelling and throwing rocks. He was advised of park ordinances.

Two storage containers on the east side of a building were spray-painted.

About five people were yelling at each other and two women were fighting after two vehicles that were backing up almost hit each other.

A man with a dog off its leash allegedly kicked and beat someone’s leashed service dog.

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