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Law roundup: Speeding teens take man for a ride

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 24, 2022 12:00 AM

A man purportedly put his dog away and decided to get in his truck and follow teens speeding down his street when they didn’t heed his request to slow down. He claimed that when they saw him get in the truck they took off, but he “carefully” followed them and they pulled over. It may have been a ploy, however, because they took off again. He was advised not to continue following them by the Kalispell Police Department. He asked officers to counsel the boys and said the driver was “humble,” but the passenger “dropped some ‘F’ bombs” when they spoke. The officer called the registered owner of the truck, who said he would have a chat with the boys.

A baby was allegedly locked in a vehicle for about 10 minutes and the person who reported it said the child did not appear in distress. Officers counseled the mother.

Six to seven teens were reportedly sitting on a retaining wall and throwing rocks at passing cars by the movie theater.

A woman claimed she was being harassed by her homeowner’s association and the neighbors and filled out statement forms for the police.

A woman reportedly withdrew $200 from an ATM and pulled away without taking the cash. She suspected the car behind her took the money and said her bank advised her to call law enforcement.

A woman allegedly saw someone trying to set up camp on the building and wanted officers to “swing by,” take the stuff down and get rid of it because she was afraid to touch it. Officers located the area where a man had climbed onto a utility box to access an upper area behind a chain-link fence. She was advised that any items found on her property could be thrown away.

An old red and white pickup with a whole bunch of junk in the back and a black vehicle with junk inside it and broken-out windows were reported abandoned across from a person’s residence.

A man told he was not allowed on a property had returned. The man told officers he had to remain at the location because of his GPS monitor. He was advised by police to update his address.

A woman was delivering food when she accidentally called 911.

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