Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Law roundup: Dog walk interrupted by woman’s accusation

| April 25, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman, who appeared intoxicated, reportedly yelled from her balcony at another woman out walking her dog, saying, “Don’t talk to my husband like that, or I’ll beat your (expletive).” The dog walker called the Kalispell Police Department to report the incident and said she didn’t know the woman and hadn’t said anything to her husband.

A blonde woman wearing a bandanna around her head was allegedly punching and kicking a man on the front steps of a building. She was holding something in her hand, possibly an umbrella. She was taken to jail.

About four kids allegedly celebrated Earth Day by throwing an uprooted tree into the road and yelling at someone who called the police. Officers put the tree back into the hole it was uprooted from on a boulevard and talked to a resident who claimed he didn’t know who damaged the tree. Officers warned him to “keep control of the house because it was turning into a party spot for young adults.

An irate resident claimed construction workers became very aggressive when they asked them to move a van parked on their property. The construction owner reportedly told an officer he instructed one of the workers to move the vehicle after being approached by the property owner who reportedly “shouted harassment” at the workers, so the owner yelled back and disengaged. The property owner felt “trespassing charges could be issued,” but did not want to listen to the officer’s explanation. The property owner yelled at the officer that they weren’t doing their job and walked away in a huff.

A motorcycle and a “crotch rocket” were reportedly driving recklessly by unsafely lane splitting

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