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Law roundup: Retrievers unwelcome visit not a golden moment

| April 28, 2022 12:00 AM

A golden retriever allegedly bared its teeth at a Bigfork woman when she got home and then ran around her yard barking. She called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report the aggressive behavior but decided she didn’t need to be contacted when the barking stopped. Her relief was short-term. About 20 minutes later, she called back when Cujo showed up on her porch, scratching at the door. Unsatisfied, the growling canine reportedly tore off a dog door.

A man on a mini scooter with an attached wheelchair was allegedly dumping garbage in someone’s trash cans and refused to leave.

Someone’s cat was allegedly shot with .22s in Martin City.

A red Dodge allegedly drove into a parking lot in Olney, slashed a tire on a vehicle and left.

A big fight reportedly broke out among four people in Olney. Parties were separated and it was believed an intoxicated man was the instigator.

Deputies followed up to a report of four camping chairs, a bare mattress and a tent allegedly set up in an area of Kalispell where children lived.

A Whitefish property owner was very upset to find someone had allegedly torn up their field.

A man with a ticket, but no money, called deputies from the train depot in Whitefish asking for assistance in finding a solution of where to stay after the train allegedly kept getting canceled

A Marion resident passed on third-hand information from her husband that a few teenagers were going up to their fence and harassing their dogs and one “kid” was being nasty to him. One of the teens decided to hang around on his bike near the driveway.

A Whitefish resident was suspicious of a truck with a hazardous placard on it unloading multiple bags that also had hazardous symbols on them into a gravel pit and wanted deputies to contact them.

Two vehicles were reportedly racing each other and were swerving all over the road and flipping someone off who called deputies to report the reckless drivers.

A dog was creating problems in a Kalispell neighborhood when one resident claimed it regularly runs around people’s yards barking and regularly chasing deer.

Someone allegedly saw a Facebook posting for stolen catalytic converters.

A Kalispell woman feels like people were after her, but she wouldn’t provide any details to dispatchers.

Someone calling from out-of-state may have beaten a previous renter to the punch in going to law enforcement first when they told deputies they received a “potentially menacing” email from the man stating he would go to the police and would not leave them alone until he was paid.

A woman called deputies while driving around Kalispell but hung up. On the call back, she reportedly said she was really stressed out after arguing with her husband and wanted advice about how to “handle him.”

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