Saturday, May 21, 2022

Law Roundup: Call me maybe, or maybe not

| April 29, 2022 12:00 AM

A caller took a rude tone with dispatchers with the Kalispell Police Department while haranguing them about an apparently ongoing civil case. She called them white trash, which dispatchers took offense at and asked her to stop calling them names and refrain from swearing.

When she refused, dispatchers disconnected the call. But relief was only temporary. A woman called a few minutes later and told dispatchers to settle the case and again called them white trash.

A store employee asked police to step up patrols around their shop, saying that someone broke into the business the week prior. The employee thought some of his coworkers spotted the suspects driving by the store, but lacked a description of their vehicle.

A resident told police that her neighbor told her that someone put a sticker on her vehicle, which was parked in the guest parking spot of private property.

A woman refused to leave the drive thru of a local pizza joint, at least not without her food order. But store employees said the order was never placed with the pizza parlor.

A man said his RV had gone missing and suspected the woman who had been living with him in the vehicle had taken it.

Loud music landed a man in trouble with his neighbor. He told police that when he pulled into his driveway playing tunes, a neighbor came onto his property and began yelling at him about the noise.

Someone left a pit bull in a grooming salon. The person who left it had said they were looking for a new home for the dog. Eventually, someone reached the dog’s owner, who came to pick it up.

A couple was spotted arguing and casting stones at each other.

A golden retriever with no tags trotted onto someone’s yard. They got it on a leash, but being unable to keep it, they wondered if animal control could fetch the pooch.

Someone was using a door they shouldn’t have been. A caller told police that building staff at the location said this unapproved use had gone on for three weeks. The door also is being left unlocked. The caller secured the door with tools and asked for an extra patrol in the area.

An apartment dweller said that a homeless man had gone from hanging out near her property to crossing onto it.

All a man wanted was his package. He had it delivered to the home of his girlfriend’s father, who was now refusing to hand it over.

Three teens were accused of stealing.

Someone thought they lost their vehicle and started a call with 911 only to immediately find the vehicle.

A couple of teens apparently were driving around asking for drugs. The person who forwarded that information to police took photos of the truck the minors were riding in, but he missed the license plates.

Someone’s watch accidentally called 911 on its own.

A woman asked for police help after a guest locked himself in her rented room and refused to leave.

Two men threatened to beat up two other men after they apparently got caught peeping into the rooms of a hotel.

A motorist fled the scene of an alleged hit and run. The other vehicle was apparently unoccupied at the time.

A man may have scared off ne’er-do-wells by shining a flashlight at their vehicle. The man told police that a strange vehicle had circled his house for the past hour. He followed it for a while, but eventually returned home. When he shined a flashlight on the vehicle, it sped off.

Two men were apparently doing drugs outside of a local business. The owner told police that they were preparing something on their laps while smoking. They also had a brown dog with them.

Someone sitting out in front of a government building hurled obscenities and slurs at a passing family.

A property owner thought someone was hiding drugs near their garbage cans each evening.

An oddly attired individual was going through the neighborhood, asking people for money and trying door knobs.

Someone suspected they were being harassed online.

Someone called police to ask how to go about selling their home. The caller was splitting up with her husband and had questions.

Police removed a man camping out on the lawn of a hotel.