Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: Employee has hair-raising encounter

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 1, 2022 12:00 AM

An employee in Kalispell allegedly called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to ask deputies to move along a male they thought was on drugs when he stole a cup from a coworker and was ripping his hair out. Loud voices were heard in the background, which the caller said was a coworker being silly.

A Bigfork caller complained that a confused man they found sitting in their grass, and in a rental car, kept asking for a foldout map. When he said he didn’t have one the strange man kept walking around the yard and making weird comments about the rental vehicle.

A “pothead” reportedly went through someone’s mailbox and looked into their son’s car.

A couple reportedly pulled up near a woman in their vehicle and then bent over and didn’t look up, making the woman feel uncomfortable and suspicious enough to drive off because she was scared. She called deputies saying she told her family members who were out on the water to stay there and didn’t know what to do.

A passerby complained that kids jumping off a bridge into a river were impeding traffic and said one of them almost landed on the motor of a boat passing through. The passerby had safety concerns about the situation and had “never seen anything like this before.”

Someone allegedly saw a large bear, on camera, getting into a garbage can in Columbia Falls.

A Whitefish caller, who sounded very intoxicated, alleged that children riding bicycles around the depot were throwing rocks at people in the area, however, his story was all over the place; he didn’t know where he was; he would not give his name and refused medical assistance.

A Kalispell woman’s five horses were reportedly sold without her permission and she wanted to file theft charges.

A child accompanied by teenagers was allegedly jumping into a river without a life vest and someone asked deputies to check on the child, who was “not even as tall as the railing.”

Kalispell Police Department reportedly received a cryptic 911 call from a man who asked what number he just called. He said he was in the hospital and didn’t mean to bother anyone but “some things were happening” there and hung up. The line was busy on the callback.

A woman believed a man broke into her vehicle and stole her purse and phone while she was in jail when she allegedly found items missing.

A bunch of glass was reported at an intersection by a passerby.

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