Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: Man goes ape in Kalispell

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 2, 2022 12:00 AM

Things got a little bananas when a man in grungy clothes was reportedly acting like a gorilla — waving a stick at cars, climbing a wall, hopping back over to the road and jumping around. Kalispell Police Department officers were unable to locate the apish man.

Toot, toot, all aboard the husky train. A person complained about seven huskies that sounded like train horns and noted one, in particular, spent the night barking for hours.

A 16- or 17-year-old allegedly posted a picture of a gun and a magazine on social media that read, “Should I swing back around?” A woman learned about the post and told officers her house had been shot at recently and requested extra patrol out of concern it would happen again.

A woman allegedly found keys on her kitchen table and did not know to whom they belonged. The perplexed woman took the keys and walked around the building pushing the panic alarm button on a Ford key fob but didn’t hear any sounds. The suspicious set of keys was collected by officers for safekeeping.

Officers responded to a man throwing things outside a location who reportedly told a passerby he had two pistols and “was going in.” Officers requested standby at the jail when he was not being compliant.

A hothead driving a Toyota truck with a utility trailer allegedly came to a railroad crossing where a railroad employee was setting up for a job and started yelling and cursing at them.

A man in a state-owned Dodge Caravan reportedly took a swig from a bottle of vodka in a store parking lot.

An extremely drunk, and mad, 35-year-old man allegedly tried to beat his brother up and possibly broke his mother’s ribs because they initially wouldn’t let him leave.

A buff man with short spikey hair reportedly pushed two women down and yelled at them before riding off on his bicycle. The person who called the incident in said he had seen the man yelling at people before but not being aggressive. He also thought the women looked like they were living in a little sedan.

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