Monday, August 08, 2022

Law roundup: Where did the time go?

| August 3, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman who reported an incident to the Kalispell Police Department was told to call back if she noticed anything missing. She called later to report a hanging calendar was gone.

Officers advised a man that a sidewalk was a walking path, not a sleeping path. He moved along.

A woman’s insolence was on full display when she called 911 and reportedly yelled at, and over, the dispatcher, screaming that she wanted her father to stop harassing her and that she didn’t want to live on the streets anymore. She proceeded to berate the dispatcher saying, “Get your (expletive) up and fix the problem,” as well as, “(Expletive) you better fix this! Now!” Then she threatened to go after the governor if things weren’t fixed. She was advised not to call 911 outside of emergencies.

A “bum-looking” man was reportedly sleeping on chairs near a storage container and a housekeeper heard third-hand that he was spotted doing drugs.

A man allegedly followed a boy who was crying and yelling at him to leave him alone.

Officers checked on a homeless man someone thought might be experiencing heatstroke when he reportedly kept moving positions and sitting up then lying down.

Security believed a shirtless man reportedly urinating in a parking lot tried to break into a building where an alarm went off.

An approximately 6-foot-tall man allegedly stood in the middle of a street yelling at cars driving by and blocked a man from pulling into his driveway before walking away. Officers made contact with the man and counseled both parties.

A youth asked officers to stand by while they closed a business after reportedly having problems with transients coming from Depot Park to the business and harassing them.

Two people were allegedly taking a vacuum on a walk through people’s yards but started running, ditching it in the middle of the road when a man and his dog came out of one of the homes. Officers checked the area and found several garbage cans knocked over, of which, they believed the broken and worn-out vacuum came.

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