Monday, August 08, 2022

Law roundup: White picket fence life dashed by TikTok prank

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 4, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman reportedly woke up to loud noises and found three holes in her fence. She told the Kalispell Police Department she believed the culprits who damaged the fence were minors because of a viral “fence breaking” TikTok challenge.

A later call came in from a woman whose fence was allegedly damaged over the course of two nights. On the first night, one fence panel was broken and on the second night, a whole section.

Someone in a grocery store allegedly thought a verbal disturbance between a couple would escalate into something physical when their screaming match could be heard across the grocery store and called 911. Officers made contact with the ill-tempered couple.

A woman was suspicious about people hanging out in a park in the dark. Officers made contact with multiple young adults “just hanging out,” who claimed they were unaware the park was closed and moved along.

A man was reportedly outside yelling through someone’s window. He continued screaming as he headed toward apartments. The disorderly man then blocked an entrance way. Parties were separated and counseled by officers. The resident was given information on obtaining a temporary restraining order.

A resident allegedly discovered an unknown man in his yard and when the resident asked him what he was doing he said he meant to go next door, however, the neighbors next door said he didn’t belong there either.

Someone was concerned about the welfare of a 3-year-old and an infant in a stroller who were out with a woman reportedly panhandling at the entrance of a coffee shop. Officers made contact and determined the children, who were in the shade, were being cared for.

A woman’s told officers her husband allegedly wanted to make sure human trafficking was going on after he saw a man in a pickup watching a woman and her children and when he spoke to her she kept looking back at the man. He also noticed a white van with a bunch of curtains near the truck.

A woman was reportedly heard “screaming at the top of her lungs.” Officers made contact with the woman who was was very upset about recently becoming homeless. She became more relaxed after talking with the officer who gave her advice on what local resources were available.

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