Monday, August 08, 2022

Law Roundup: Searching for Steve in all the wrong places

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 5, 2022 12:00 AM

Is your name Steve? There’s someone looking for you, at least according to a Kalispell area homeowner who phoned the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after hearing what sounded like a man fumbling around their backyard. Unable to see the individual through a fence, the resident told deputies he was making a lot of noise and calling out for someone, possibly “Steve.” The resident suspected the man was drunk. Eventually, the commotion ended.

A caller asked to press harassment charges against an individual screaming at a local homeowner. The caller identified themselves as the power of attorney for the homeowner.

A parent suspected their son of stealing items from their house while visiting and pawning them. The son had since left for California.

Neighbors harassing a construction crew erecting a home near Bigfork led a Texas man to contact authorities. He said he was behind the project and described the harassment as constant.

A Kalispell area resident reported finding a bullet in the exterior wall of his house. He suspected it hit the home the day prior. It went through the siding and insulation before coming to a stop, he told deputies.

Meanwhile in Lakeside, a resident reported hearing five gunshots near the highway. It sounded like a large caliber weapon.

A local couple were forced to really rough it after they returned to their plot of land to find their camper and car gone. The couple told investigators it appeared as though the vehicles were burned and possibly towed off. They said they had been living out of the camper.

Already on probation, a local man was concerned that his ex-girlfriend was making false statements about him, namely accusing him and his family of assaulting her. His probation officer instructed him to contact deputies in case she sought to official report the fictitious crimes.

A drunk youth wandered into the Columbia Falls Fire Department. Authorities were called in owing to the intoxicated minor’s age and because he did not know how to get home. Calls to the juvenile’s parents went unanswered.

Feuding between a pair of Columbia Falls neighbors continued after one individual’s parking job interrupted another’s home improvement project. The latter resident contacted authorities because he was trying to tear down a dog kennel and couldn’t owing to his neighbor’s vehicle blocking the structure. The neighbor refused to move the vehicle.

A caller reported several loud vehicles driving around a school and along Farm to Market Road. He suspected the vehicles were going above the speed limit as well. When dispatchers attempted to draw more information from him, he grew agitated with the questions. He directed them to send out a patrol and hung up.

A panhandler asking for money for a kidney transplant drew the ire of a passerby, who demanded deputies handle the situation. They expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of homeless in the valley and hung up after talking about taking care of the problem.

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