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Law roundup: Lovebirds aren't strange birds

| August 10, 2022 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department made contact with “two lovebirds on a nice evening stroll through the park,” after they were allegedly described by someone as “people doing weird stuff.” The person calling in the allegation said the young woman walked into the dark with an older man at a construction site who was talking on his phone and then to himself.

A semitruck driver saw a man in a gold van stealing a microwave and washing machine behind a store. Officers fined and released the man, advising him of his warrant. Officers planned to follow up with the business to see if charges wanted to be pursued.

An olive green suitcase, which contained women’s clothing, was reportedly stolen and the owner was told by someone that “the radio station guy took it.”

A truck allegedly drove in the wrong traffic lane on the bypass, over a traffic circle, then into and out of a ditch before parking in a gas station lot with a blown tire.

Someone reportedly deflated the tires on a woman’s vehicle, which had been keyed earlier in the week.

An employee believed a bike was stolen and returned when they found things broken on it and wires tampered with.

A man was allegedly having issues with a transient camp located in the back of his property and wanted them moved along. He said it was in the same spot as last year’s camp.

A man reportedly kept calling a store and making vulgar statements to female employees.

Kids around ages 12 and 13 were allegedly throwing rocks at a building and someone thought they would break a window. The person also thought they were the duo seen testing their throwing skills at school cameras. Officers didn’t see obvious damage and warned the youths about their antics.

Teens were reportedly gathering in a parking lot to be entertained by three vehicles spinning doughnuts. It was said to be an ongoing issue.

A later call came in complaining about possibly the same trio of cars that were allegedly looping around Main Street and using someone’s parking lot to spin doughnuts and peel out of. Extra patrol was requested.

A man and woman were allegedly yelling at each other in a parking lot and the man was kicking things at her. The incident may have involved drugs. Officers responded to the scene and deployed a Taser. The man was taken to the emergency room and the jail notified of the incident.

Someone thought a hot air balloon possibly hit a tree and seemed to be deflating, however, officers didn’t see any balloons in distress.

A very intoxicated man, who reportedly refused assistance from officers and an ambulance that came to his house, had changed his mind. Slurring his words, he complained of chest pain, that he couldn’t get out of bed and was about to start drinking. He kept saying, “I’m not going to make it,” as he repeatedly passed out and dropped his phone.

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