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Law roundup: Couch potato calls deputies to get her juice

| February 1, 2022 12:00 AM

A Kalispell woman allegedly called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to complain about being on the couch and her juice was in the kitchen. Dispatchers told her that while that was unfortunate it was not a law enforcement issue and deputies would not be responding. She became upset and started screaming at them.

A Bigfork man reportedly wanted a deputy to stop by his house one night, saying they were doing a great job and that he would “be up and waiting.”

A Kalispell man wanted to talk to a deputy regarding his neighbor complaining.

A woman called to report she and her fiance were “having a little dispute about helping each other.”

Someone called alleging that a man kept going back to a Kalispell location and breaking items. Dispatchers could hear glass breaking in the background during the call.

A Columbia Falls man had questions about a helicopter flying around his house early in the morning.

Three to four dirty mattresses were spotted on the side of a road in Martin City.

A Lakeside man complained kids were banging on his fence.

A Kalispell woman wanted to speak to deputies about a vehicle driving around her house.

A Whitefish resident claimed a man did not feed his cattle enough.

Occupants evacuated a Somers house when the chimney caught on fire.

Someone allegedly made a fake profile using a woman’s name and photo and was trying to sell graphic pictures that weren’t hers.

A woman reportedly heard snow crunching one night and thought it was a plow when she saw lights at the end of her driveway, however, she became suspicious when she went out in the morning to find construction cones set up in the driveway.

A man’s friend might not be so friendly after all when they allegedly pawned a TV he left at their house.

After purportedly hearing the neighbors fighting for two hours, a Bigfork woman called deputies to complain.

A vehicle was seen weaving between lanes, changing speeds and indicating at odd times in Kalispell.

Someone calling from Kalispell asked dispatchers when the Whitefish Winter Carnival was and what kinds of activities were going on. Dispatchers looked up the schedule online for the caller.

A deer was reportedly caught in a fence on a Kalispell bike trail.

A neighbor noticed someone’s backdoor was wide open and the resident reportedly returned home to find the lock had been ripped out of the door, but it didn’t appear anything was missing or damaged inside.

A man was allegedly on the side of a road in Columbia Falls flailing his arms, yelling at cars and acting like he was going to “jump into traffic.”