Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Law roundup: Managers cry foul over stolen milk

| January 2, 2022 12:00 AM

Two shoplifters made off with some milk, a bottle and some other unknown goods, and the managers of the robbed grocery store opted to press charges, they told the Kalispell Police Department.

A father took his daughter’s phone, and in the process, he accidentally dialed 911.

Three vehicles were “spinning around” in a parking lot. An employee said she thought it was putting the drivers and customers at risk.

A woman was worried someone got into her house while she was away. The person who was supposed to be watching the house was not there, but some other friends thought they saw someone inside. She asked for a call back with the findings.

A guest tried to kick in a man’s bedroom door after the guest had been drinking. The parties were separated.

A man heard someone calling for help near a Kalispell grocery store, but he wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating.

A neighbor was “concerned with the welfare” of a dog who had been outside for an unknown period of time. When an officer checked out the situation, there didn’t seem to be any dogs in distress.

A mail carrier left two mailboxes wide open.

A man lost his wallet with $40 and cards in it.

An “estranged wife” was formally forbidden from returning to a hotel.

A recreational vehicle parked in an employee parking area, and the manager wanted it to move along. He said there were “suspicious comings and goings from the RV” and he suspected drugs were involved.

A German shepherd wandered into a woman’s room.

A vague woman told a dispatcher, “you don’t get it. We’re going to end up fighting.” Then she disconnected.

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