Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Law roundup: Customers afraid of Taser in a box

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 3, 2022 12:00 AM

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a call about customers being afraid of a woman who reportedly had a Taser in a box at a Kalispell business.

A Lakeside man reportedly wanted to know about the legality of a neighbor setting up cameras that pointed to his residence and barn after the neighbor filed a complaint about him pushing snow onto their property. He was advised this was a civil issue.

A Kalispell woman claimed she was kicked out of a friend’s house “for no reason” and left items that she still needed to get and wanted to “report various things” about the so-called friend and activity that occurs at the home.

A 5-inch bolt holding a ladder in Bigfork was allegedly loosened and someone wanted deputies to check it out to see if a person was responsible and if they were using it to get to the top.

A Kalispell dog owner believed someone stole their missing dog because he “usually comes right back.”

A vehicle with a door open was allegedly stuck at a railroad crossing in Coram and trains were still traveling through.

A vehicle, with two or three coolers strapped on the back, was reportedly swerving all over a Kalispell road.

Someone requested an unoccupied camper in a parking lot be moved or towed.

Luggage was found in a Kalispell parking lot and someone wanted an officer to pick them up and check to make sure no one was missing them.

A vehicle was allegedly tailgating someone in Kalispell and nearly rear-ending vehicles it kept passing erratically, which led to drivers slamming on the brakes.

A small vehicle reportedly drove in the wrong lane and almost caused a head-on collision in Kalispell.

Someone broke a window to a vehicle pulled off on the side of a road.

Multiple calls came in from Kalispell and Columbia Falls about dogs constantly running loose, barking and being out in the cold weather.

A man in Kalispell asked to speak to a sergeant concerning “actions that took place” at a location where an incident was reported.

Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a report of criminal mischief called in from 12th Avenue West allegedly involving four or five teens who were “messing with" vehicles and throwing snowballs at an apartment and hiding behind a snow pile. They had already been counseled about their behavior. One parent arrived for two of the teens and said they would let the other parents know.

A woman reportedly found the windows broken out and key scratches all over her vehicle while it was parked at her boyfriend's.

A package containing ski pants and suspenders was reported stolen from the porch of a Martha Road residence.

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