Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Law roundup: Want a side of sandwich with that shot?

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 5, 2022 12:00 AM

.Store employees believed a bearded man wearing camo pants was drinking shots of alcohol in the deli area and allegedly was acting belligerently and yelling at staff. An employee told the Kalispell Police Department that the man had been asked to leave twice, but he kept returning.

A man with a bottle of alcohol received another citation for violating park rules for sleeping and urinating in a pavilion.

A man claimed a woman, who was giving him a ride, drove off with his backpack, phone, clothing and a phone card when he got out for a minute.

A man and woman were physically fighting outside.

Someone asked officers to check on the welfare of a man due to the cold after seeing him wandering around with a blanket draped over him.

A man purportedly heard someone banging on a heat pump outside his house and thought if he looked outside the person would leave. There was no sign of anyone in the area and officers believed the noise may have been fireworks.

A welfare check was requested for a man allegedly crawling along the snowy sidewalk on East Center Street.

An SUV speeding behind a woman driving on the bypass reportedly flashed its lights at her vehicle then passed her in a no-passing zone.

A man wearing a black hoodie and a mask was allegedly going through a store parking lot checking vehicles for open doors.

A clerk and someone’s mother reportedly got into an argument over the condition of a room.

Someone was concerned about a panhandler’s welfare because of the cold temperatures.

A light gray Acura purportedly driving through the middle of a roundabout almost caused not one but five accidents.

A blue Ford truck allegedly crashed into a fence and got stuck in a resident's yard with the tire tracks quite close to a woman’s house. The truck tried to leave but got stuck by the intersection of Cottage Drive and Three Mile Drive. The driver got out and said he was going to pay for the damaged fence. The resident thought he sounded intoxicated because he was slurring his words and got back into his truck. She told police she would watch the truck from her house and would call back if he started to leave. Police requested more than one unit go to the scene.

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