Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Law roundup: Saddle up, partners

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 7, 2022 12:00 AM

The way a man was reportedly riding a horse all over a Kalispell parking lot had someone concerned he was trying to get onto a porch. He then fell off the horse, so they decided it was time to call the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

Someone unfamiliar with firearms claimed men holding “machine guns” were walking on the side of the road. Turns out, the men were just hunters carrying shotguns and duck decoys.

A Kalispell man called law enforcement because he was allegedly low on propane, and not from a leak or emergency of that type, just that he would be out by the next day.

Someone was reportedly suspicious of individuals with flashlights who were walking around a Kalispell property because no one had been in the house for a while.

A trespasser was allegedly caught on a surveillance system stopping by a Kalispell house repeatedly and then going inside.

Someone decided to report two years of alleged harassment by their neighbors.

A vehicle was reported stolen in Whitefish.

Someone asked deputies if they could counsel a man about his reckless ways of riding a snowmobile on people’s property and around children playing outside.

A man went up to someone’s home in Whitefish and started pounding on the door, claiming his vehicle had broken down and that he was waiting for a tow truck and then stood in the driveway. The resident couldn’t see a vehicle and was reportedly told by a deputy not to let people they didn’t know in their house.

Someone walked into a business, grabbed a can of alcoholic seltzer water and walked out the door without paying.

A flatbed trailer was reported stolen.

Someone in Whitefish wanted to file a report of a vehicle that purportedly was stolen about a month ago, but had since been recovered.

Someone called deputies because they allegedly had to put a horse down.

Someone was seen driving the wrong way in Kalispell.

Meanwhile, in Whitefish, a vehicle reportedly traveling in reverse down the middle of the road, ended up in a ditch.

A Hungry Horse man claimed someone he was negotiating with for three years stole the deed to his house.

Someone in Lakeside thought they did the right thing by turning a stray dog over to the shelter, however, the dog’s owner reportedly called them upset about having to pay fees and channeled that anger into accusing them of kidnapping the dog and then threatened to steal their animals.

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