Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Law roundup: Pavilion patron asked to move along

| January 8, 2022 12:00 AM

A man was seen sleeping on the ground in a pavilion with a bottle of vodka. He was reportedly defecating in the pavilion. He was given a citation by the Kalispell Police Department and asked to move along.

A woman returned home after a two-week trip to find her fireplace turned on.

A man grabbed a hard seltzer from a convenience store and walked out of the business.

Someone who lives in a basement saw water flooding into the makeshift residence and heard it spraying from an area above him.

A woman was asked to leave a location two times before she finally got up, gathered her things and left with her dog.

Someone drove into an awning at a motel and then sped away.

A woman who cleans a downtown Kalispell business was frightened when she walked in and found a person inside. He was asked to move along.

A driver followed a vehicle she suspected was stolen.

A dog stepped on a phone while its owner was driving and accidentally called 911.

Someone was worried about a vehicle “driving very slow.” It turned out the driver had issues with his chains.

A woman left her keys in her vehicle and it was stolen, but then she tracked it down.

A man walked down the middle of a road. He told law enforcement he didn’t need any help.

A pickup truck was reported for parking in a handicapped spot multiple times.

A woman was instructed to report her vehicle as stolen because she hadn’t removed her license plates when she sold it a year and a half earlier.

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