Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Law roundup: Running man wants to take clothing off

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 9, 2022 12:00 AM

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a man running through a complex and taking off most of his clothes in Kalispell.

Someone in Polebridge claimed they were experiencing chest and eye pain after being hit by “snowblower debris.” They thought the incident was intentional.

A Kila woman became suspicious after different people kept coming onto her property looking for an address that didn’t exist. She said she gave one person a ride into town but wanted to speak to a deputy about what to do if it continued.

A sibling alleged his sister was being screamed at by her boyfriend’s dad at a Kalispell location.

Deputies received a report that a horse, allegedly covered in snowballs and digging in the ground of a Columbia Falls location, looked neglected.

Someone wanted deputies aware of cattle in Kalispell that reportedly looked underweight and had not had brand inspections.

Someone with a short temper purportedly wanted to ask questions about neighbors leaving a dog outside, however, they became belligerent toward dispatchers when asked to provide more information and hung up.

Someone in Kalispell called deputies because they had to “put a horse down.”

A passerby reportedly saw a man staggering and falling over in a snowbank.

A concerned Bigfork neighbor asked deputies to check out a residence in the area because the garage door was open and they weren’t sure if the homeowners were home yet after being out of town for a couple of weeks.

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of someone allegedly being attacked. Parties were separated.

Someone was concerned about a homeless man who reportedly appeared intoxicated.

An employer allegedly requested a welfare check on a woman they were unable to reach by phone when she didn’t show up to work. They were also unable to reach relatives. While officers weren’t able to make contact they did find fresh tracks of a vehicle coming from a garage.

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