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Letters to the editor Jan. 10

| January 10, 2022 12:00 AM

Letter to Sen. Tester

We Montanans accept the Christmas gift from the Senate of the demise of the so-called Build Back Better Bill. Just think, you could have joined ranks with a true American hero, Sen. Joe Manchin; and Sen. Sinema in the wings. Instead of being joined at the hip with Schumer, Peolsi, Schiff, et al, the failing DNC, failing leadership; you could be one of the front runners of the new Democrat party as it sheds socialism and leftist agendas.

The voters are speaking loud and clear: No socialistic agenda, close our borders to illegal incursion, open our energy resources, get our American citizens and friends of U.S. back from Afghanistan, shut down insane spending and runaway inflation, normalize life with Covid therapeutics, and end scienceless mandates and closures.

That just about includes every Democratic policy and agenda. Stand up for Montana people and Montana values. You represent us, not the DNC leadership!

-— Charles Wardle, Kalispell

Basis for laws

Is there any objective basis for having laws or is it simply random based on whatever a culture decides to believe?

Why were the Nazis wrong? What was the founding premise defining slavery as illegal? Why isn’t it OK to steal from the rich, or even those who are not rich, if you are poor or hungry? If someone threatens my life with hardship by their existence, even if they are innocent babies, I should have the right to kill them?

There are still people in the world today who will defend the right to each of the above.

Civilized people for thousands of years have accepted the basis for any laws as dating back to those given to Moses by God. The only objective foundation for laws is if there is a God and He is loving and has taught us for generations to love Him and each other. Without that, let’s get real: anything goes.

Our forefathers held “these rights to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator” rather than we evolved so some of us are superior to others. Based on the unproven and unprovable theory of evolution, whoever is strongest and can enforce their will, determines the laws that will rule.

There is no question anymore, since modern medicine has established a baby is a human being at conception, that ending the life of an unborn baby is no different than ending the life of a child or adult.

The question is not if one is murdering a baby, if we will be honest. The question is: should such savage and uncivilized behavior be legal?

— Synoia Olson, Lakeside

Oath of apathy

At what point did Americans decide to take the Oath of Apathy?

As a member of the American Society of Apathetics, I solemnly swear and declare:

I will endure any injustice, accept any abuse, absorb any disrespect, suffer any deprivation, concede any exclusion, inhale any toxins, and avoid any public responsibilities in order to defend my inalienable right to apathy, so help me, my descendants, and my country.

America, the land, the resources and the tax revenue, in theory, belong to the people. It’s time to get off the couch and take it back from corrupt politicians and their corporate Masters.

— Alecia Davis, Eureka

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