Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Law roundup: These boots were made for walkin’ to jail

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 12, 2022 12:00 AM

A business allegedly let a woman use the bathroom and she took that as her cue to put on a show in the parking lot where the woman, who was clad in a black and white puffy jacket, black leggings and boots, allegedly danced and yelled at passing traffic that drove around her impromptu performance. When she refused to leave, a motel and a gas station asked the Kalispell Police Department for assistance in advising her she couldn’t be on either property per management.

A later call came in from someone who heard second-hand that a naked woman was reportedly found wrapped in a sheet underneath the stairs of an inn and was refusing to leave. Officers located the woman, who was wearing a black and white coat and boots. She was reportedly arrested for trespassing.

A man claimed neighbors were intentionally damaging his fence and trees by pushing snow onto his property with a skid steer.

“The crazy guy that usually holds a white sign in Deport Park,” was allegedly walking up and down Main Street yelling and screaming at people. Officers were unable to locate the familiar man-about-town.

Someone reportedly threatened to shoot a woman with a specific brand of gun.

Someone’s neighbor across the street was yelling and screaming at someone. The person then heard another voice say, “Ow,” and saw an individual in a white van with tires on top of it sitting next to a parked white pickup. Men were reportedly seen trying to open the doors of the pickup.

Someone’s nephew allegedly stole their credit card.

A woman wearing dark clothing was seen walking on the shoulder of a road carrying huge plastic bags that appeared to look very heavy to someone who asked officers to check on her welfare. She told officers she was OK.

An employee asked officers to move along a man allegedly talking to himself and screaming in a parking lot in addition to letting him know he was banned from being on the property “for life.”

It could have been the wind causing suspicious noises that a man thought sounded like someone trying to break in when officers checked things out.

Apartment dwellers were made privy to whose apartment it was when a man and woman were heard yelling at each other outside and she said, “This is my apartment.”

Two men were fighting.

A silver pickup that was seen swerving “all over the place,” turned onto the bypass and reportedly crashed into the ditch by exit No. 5. The driver’s next stops were to the hospital to have their blood drawn and onto the jail.

Numerous vehicles were either stickered or cited for parking violations.

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