Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Law Roundup: Customer writes off all businesses

| January 14, 2022 12:00 AM

An overzealous complainer threatened an employee at a business, the employee told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. They warned the employee to watch their back and informed them, “they would no longer be doing business with anyone.”

10 horses were running alongside a road.

A man suspected his ex-girlfriend was trying to steal his dog.

Another ex-girlfriend came home intoxicated to her ex-boyfriend’s residence. He took her keys, so then she took his wallet. He asked law enforcement to help him get the wallet back.

A caller was worried that a dog was left in a car for a week.

A man carrying several bags was yelling at traffic.

Someone in Kila called the police over “two intoxicated females.”

A Kalispell businessman found out there were checks received all over the state with his business information on them, but he didn’t issue the checks.

A woman called the police because someone took pictures of her husband’s driver’s license and other identifying information.

A driver kicked up so much gravel it allegedly damaged another vehicle.

A vehicle was reported to the police for driving very fast.

A couple thought a gunshot went off near a house. The male half described the sound as “not a small bang,” but rather “a big boom.”

A deer was reported in a road in Whitefish.

A truck got stuck in a turn lane in Kalispell.

A former roommate stole someone’s money.

Someone in Kalispell heard a “constant loud beeping.”

A subject hid under a truck and then ran off.

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