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Letters to the editor Jan. 29

| January 29, 2022 12:00 AM

A sad story

One day your grandchild may ask you, “Why don’t we have a library like other places?”

You tell your grandchild the sad story:

“Once upon a time Kalispell had a wonderful library with lots of books, computers, CDs, and programs for children. Then the people elected some county commissions that didn’t really like the library and felt it cost two much. Perhaps they didn’t use the library or have children that attended the children’s program.

So, these commissions appointed some library trustees who didn’t want the library to grow and be successful. These trustees cut the salary of the library director and she resigned. Then they appointed a nice lady to the position, but she wasn’t really qualified so the library began to lose money from the state of Montana and other groups. The library couldn’t purchase as many new books, buy new computers, and have as many programs for children. So fewer people used the library.

Then the county commissions told us that because the library is not being used as much, they are not going to support it any longer. Without money the library closed. That’s the reason we don’t have a library today in Kalispell. It’s a sad story!”

— Jim Swab, Kalispell

Seek middle ground

I’ve been thinking about a quote I have heard more than once during public comment regarding the book “Gender Queer.” The quote is from librarian Jo Godwin. “A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.”

That is a weird thing for a public space to aspire to. Really? Offending every single person that walks through the door is what we should aim for? Why? Why should our little library have such a strangely combative, provocative and aggressive goal. Whatever happened to the library being a calm, soothing safe space? Why should our library strive to be offensive to as many of its patrons as possible?

Along similar lines, people in favor of keeping “Gender Queer” on the shelf seem proud of the fact that this picture book for teens comes very close to being pornographic, but from what I have read, possibly just barely squeaks by the legal definition of obscenity and child pornography.

Why is that good? Why would anyone be proud of having almost-porn or almost-obscenity in the library? What purpose does that serve?

I don’t want to go back to the Victorian era, where showing your ankle was quite scandalous, but there is a middle ground here between antiquated, prude moral values and the idea that the more people our library can offend the better.

We need to find that middle ground, if our library is to serve everyone and provide a welcoming environment for all.

— Carmen Cuthbertson, Kalispell

Vaccine dangers

Covid shots can cause extensive brain damage. While this may come as a surprise to many vaccinators, I had it happen to me.

In late 2019 I had an MRI of my neck and brain. The brain scan was normal for my age. The neck showed significant damage.

I had a Covid shot in late March of 2021. Within three days I noticed fatigue and body aches, which did not go away. By mid-April it had progressed to where I felt like I could not stand up. I was sleeping 12 to 17 hours per day. It worsened to the point that by Memorial Day I stayed in bed for 48 hours, and by early summer I could not walk up a small hill. The problems continue to this day.

I contacted Mayo Clinic, which ordered another brain scan. This scan showed extensive brain damage especially when compared to my earlier brain scan. It was confirmed that the Covid shot caused the brain damage and that I have the typical symptoms of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which has been linked to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

In my research I found that that such negative reactions to Covid shots were well known, but that the reports of them to the public are rare. Or should it be: such reports are rarely reported?

Consider this: For six months, I thought that my neck was the cause for my severe problems. Without the brain scan, I would have never known it was due to the Covid shot. I had no idea that Covid shots could cause brain damage. Had I died of a stroke or heart attack after the shot, who would have suspected the Covid shot? How many people in the Flathead have died from having a Covid shot? How would we know?

Why are we not getting warnings of the negative reactions to Covid shots from Fauci and the CDC?

Here in the Flathead, we need to have a county site where adverse reactions to Covid shots can be documented. We should not be punished by the federal government for deciding not to have a shot especially when we now know that Covid shots have substantial risk.

— Max Agather, Kalispell

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