Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law Roundup: Boyfriend hits on one weird trick to get free gas

| July 21, 2022 12:00 AM

A North Fork area resident stricken with Covid-19 called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office upset because she had asked her boyfriend to leave and he refused. His reasoning was that his truck was running on empty. He did have a possible solution, according to the caller: He planned to run the truck completely dry, call for a tow and try to con them out of free fuel.

Apparently further adding flames to the fire, the boyfriend planned to take “all the beer” with him if and when he left.

The resident of a private community near Whitefish contacted authorities after finding the gate to the neighborhood half-open. He suspected a motorist rammed the gate, though he did not witness what led to the entryway being left open. He asked that deputies come and put cones up. Dispatchers replied that the homeowners association was better suited to handling that sort of matter inside a gated community.

A security guard reported a possibly intoxicated or high man screaming and attempting to break into large equipment at an Evergreen facility. The guard described the man as “trippin’” and trying to pull on items.

Two friends reported suffering harassment at the hands of a group of unruly teenagers who were trying to get them off a rock they were perched on. The pair said the young men pledged to jump over them if they don’t move out of the way.

A caller told dispatchers that a man tried to buy a boat from her husband with a bad check.

An employee found a gun, described as a type of revolver, left in a U.S. 2 parking lot. The employee picked it up with a bag and placed it in a locked shed for safety.

A woman asked deputies to surveil a nearby location owing to the “chemical smell” wafting over to her home. She said the odor left her lungs burning, but turned down an offer of medical care. Dispatchers recommended she shut the windows, but she said the odor was passing through the walls of her home.

A homeowner suspected someone tried to gain entry to his front porch by pulling on the gate.

A man reported getting a phone call from his former girlfriend. She put him on speaker phone after he picked up and then multiple people on the other end of the line threatened to beat him up. The man admitted that he gave it right back to them, but asked about taking out a temporary restraining order against his ex.

Someone called in a homeless person for sleeping on a sidewalk.

A cow was spotted walking along a road near North Fork.

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