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Letters to the editor July 24

| July 24, 2022 12:00 AM

Threat to democracy

In the wake of Gen. Loranger’s July 12 letter to the Inter Lake, which made clear that everyone should be fearful for the future of America, we see further evidence that the reason for such fearfulness is well-founded. I am speaking of the responses of Gen. Cash and Mr. Miller published in the July 19 edition of the Inter Lake.

It is clear from both Cash’s and Miller’s letters that they either didn’t bother to read all of Gen. Loranger’s letter, or failed to understand it. They both falsely state that Gen. Loranger was accusing them to be traitors “because they supported their choice of president.” However, Gen. Loranger was clear that it is support of the insurrection that he considers to be traitorous. So should all Americans.

Miller claims Gen. Loranger’s letter to be an “opening salvo of a direct attack on fellow Americans.” Apparently, Miller is unaware of the insurrection itself, the events leading up to it, and Trump’s profane ad hominem attacks on everyone/everything he doesn’t like, including the free and honest press. It is Trump, along with Putin in 2016, who launched their “opening salvo” of lies aimed at dividing our country and undermining democracy. Unfortunately, millions believe the “stolen election” lie, and millions repeat it without regard for its proven falsity.

On behalf of the U.S. military, I would like to apologize to all America for Jim’s support of the insurrection and his failure to understand the threat that Trump and his ilk pose to our country. I’m certain he sees nothing wrong with his position, since it is clearly aligned with that of convicted felon Mike Flynn. However, Jim would be well advised to seek the advice of the Air Force Judge Advocate General before he again publicly sides with those seeking to subvert our Constitution and democracy.

— Al Weed, Kalispell

SCOTUS ruling

Hallelujah! We finally have a Supreme Court that can read and interpret our Constitution as written and intended. In 1973, the SCOTUS made a horrible mistake in a case known as Roe v Wade when their decision found a constitutional right for mothers to murder their children.

This nonsensical miscarriage of justice cannot in any way be constitutionally supported but it has taken almost half a century before a SCOTUS or an elected Congress found the fortitude and demonstrated the integrity to admit the glaring mistake and correct it.

In the interim an estimated 65 million abortions have been performed in the U.S., with government approval and frequently with taxpayer funded subsidization. Sadly, during this period two new generations of females have grown to child-bearing age under the false assumption that they have a right to use abortion like any other medical procedure to do away with unwanted children, as opposed to protecting themselves from pregnancy. This assumption is of course false because not even a SCOTUS decision can make murder of another human legal when it is illegal under both God’s and US civil law.

With the SCOTUS reversal of Roe V Wade and no action by Congress, the regulation of this barbaric procedure now returns to the states where it should have always been. Among the 50 states, opinions on abortion vary widely, so we can expect a wide array of legislative action. Let us pray that most states arrive at the point where abortion is only legal when medically required to save a life.

The sad thing is, after this whole dirty fiasco is concluded, abortion will still be with us, legal in some states and illegal in others but hopefully at greatly reduced numbers.

The uproar surrounding the Roe v Wade correction, with attempts to coerce the SCOTUS, massive public demonstrations and the president of the United States threatening to destroy the integrity of the senate to ensure the right of pregnant women to end the life of a God-given child that has been gifted to them for safe keeping and nourishment for the first approximately nine months of their life, is a measure of the level of human depravity to which our once great Christian nation has descended. May God have mercy on us.

— Larry Metzger, Bigfork

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