Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: ‘It’s Nerf or nothin’’ for teens in drive-by

| July 26, 2022 12:00 AM

A parent wanted to press charges against two boys who allegedly drove by their young daughter and her friend, who were out walking, and shot at them with Nerf guns. The parent sent the Columbia Falls Police Department a photo of a small red mark on one of the girl’s arms where she was struck. Officers were unable to locate the boys.

A man complained that his father was harassing him via phone calls and threatening him and that a “Patriots of Flathead County,” group was also causing issues. At the son’s request, an officer left a voicemail with the father explaining further contact with his son could result in charges under state privacy in communications code. Later, the father went to the police department to explain his version of events. Both father and son were counseled on how to obtain temporary restraining orders and no charges were filed against either party.

Little pieces of trash were reportedly thrown out the window of a Dodge Dart.

Officers responded to a call about a man allegedly prowling around another man’s shop, trying to break in. An associated call came in about him trying to steal a motorcycle. Officers deployed a Taser when he ran from them.

Someone was concerned that a woman who reportedly walks everywhere with a long coat was abused after spotting her with a puffy-looking face.

Extra patrols were requested by someone who allegedly saw a “kinda sketchy” man walking an unleashed dog. He appeared to be looking into a neighbor’s garage and left when they turned on a light in an RV.

A woman complained that a man stole her “dab pen” out of spite because they got into an argument. She told officers she left it in his mailbox but had been unable to collect it. She was advised that it was not a theft if he was attempting to return the item. The upset woman said she was having a panic attack due to not having any marijuana.

Two teenage hooligans were reportedly spitting on cars and yelling at people from the second level of the parking garage. The Whitefish Police Department identified the boy and girl on a security camera as they were getting into a vehicle. Officers counseled them about their behavior and told them they were not welcome to use the parking structure for anything other than its intended purpose.

An ambulance responded to a location where a woman’s boyfriend allegedly sprayed himself with bear spray and was cursing but breathing.

A woman allegedly called her ex-boyfriend and threatened his new girlfriend.

Someone found a very sick cat.

Packages and boots were reported stolen from a front porch.

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