Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: Resident loses sleep over stolen mattress

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 27, 2022 12:00 AM

An older Tempurpedic mattress with a stained white cover was reportedly stolen from out front of a location and the owner wanted it logged for information in case Kalispell Police Department officers came across it.

A woman claimed her vehicle was stolen for the second time. She said officers initially located the vehicle in April, but the towing company went to the wrong place and it was stolen again.

A woman went to get something out of her car and discovered it was missing. She wasn’t immediately sure it was stolen or just misplaced. She told officers she took medication that leads to sleepwalking. She called officers back to report that whoever took it just drove until it ran out of gas and ditched it.

A man reported his neighbors for standing outside and “talking loudly.” Officers advised the Chatty Cathies to keep it down.

Officers were unable to locate three shady “street people” purportedly engaging in “felonious activities” in a parking lot.

A man driving a white cargo van with a broken passenger side window and paint dripping down a back window was swerving in and out of traffic.

A man speeding through traffic in a blue SUV allegedly pointed a gun at another driver.

A woman in a broken-down RV told officers she was going to have a mental breakdown when people living in the area kept cursing and yelling at her and she wanted law enforcement to tell them to stop. Apparently, officers told her to move the RV but there were problems finding a tow truck that was heavy-duty enough to tow it away. Money was also an issue.

About 20 cows were on the lam in Helena Flats. Later on, a Kalispell woman found branded cattle in her backyard. The third call to Flathead County Sheriff's Office came in from a Kalispell resident whose vehicle was allegedly damaged by the brash bovines.

Someone calling from Bigfork allegedly wanted it documented that when he looks out a window a car drives by.

A man’s sister allegedly overstayed her welcome at his Kila residence so he kicked her out but she was not leaving fast enough and delayed her departure by swearing and yelling at him.

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