Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: Man tests the water and gets tackled

| July 28, 2022 12:00 AM

Someone in Kalispell wanted the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to know they reportedly chased a man down and tackled him when they saw him turning on the water outside a building despite thinking he was just getting a drink. The man left on a bicycle.

Someone out for a walk in Kalispell had a surprise encounter with a man who reportedly put his hands up, ducked into some bushes and then headed back down the road, which made the person uncomfortable.

A Bigfork church was reportedly broken into by forced entry through a window. The intruder got into two offices. Multiple items were missing.

Someone’s neighbor allegedly stood at the fence line yelling and threatening her because she and husband were being loud.

Someone allegedly left without paying for 97 pounds of propane in Kalispell.

A Bigfork woman wanted to speak to a deputy about an alleged incident involving another woman who was angry she gave her dog treats, claiming she was mistreating it.

A Kalispell woman was reportedly upset that a property manager came onto her property, cut her grass, picked things up and left a note saying she was “going to be charged.” She was advised the incident was between her and the property manager yet she still wanted a phone call from deputies.

A man was allegedly screaming and throwing water at people and pushed someone over then drove away from a Kalispell location.

Disapproval of out-of-staters abounds in the Flathead. A Columbia Falls resident decided to use 911 to call law enforcement for the third time to complain about construction noise and swore while complaining about the people moving in from out of the state.

A man allegedly followed a woman and her partner in Bigfork to tell them they needed to go back to California and had parked in a “no parking” spot. He left when she told him she was calling the police.

Someone called about a man reportedly looking up at a hillside, “casing the place,” and a vehicle with a California license plate. The caller claimed the man was acting very weirdly like he was “trying to poison the water,” but couldn’t elaborate on why they thought that.

Someone purchased a laptop on eBay and went to call tech support to find out it was stolen out of California.

A man was reportedly going around a Lakeside neighborhood saying he “does asphalt.” One resident, who said he did more research about the man, found that his contractor license had been revoked in two other states and believed he was scamming people.

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