Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: Like irritable owner, like irritable dog

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 31, 2022 12:00 AM

A dog on the loose reportedly growled at a Columbia Falls woman and her dogs. She told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office the last time the dog was loose and acting viciously, the owner came and got the dog they hit it on the head with a soda can and were aggressive toward it.

A Kalispell woman wanted to know if a collections agent could preemptively stop a welfare check from being sent to her.

A Kalispell woman requested that deputies move along a man she thought was living in a camper in a parking lot.

Two dogs allegedly attacked and killed seven chickens in Kalispell before fleeing the scene.

A boat owner reportedly dropped anchor on a Kalispell resident’s property and, after a couple of years, when they did not pick it up, the resident called deputies with questions on what to do.

A mother and daughter in Bigfork were allegedly having issues removing a caretaker from the premises after a relative hired her “under the table.”

Someone messed with someone’s boat when they reportedly rammed it into a Whitefish dock, played around on it and removed poles on the dock.

A man was allegedly trespassing when he went to a Kalispell residence, swore at and told a woman to move her vehicle because how she parked on the road made him angry.

Someone in Columbia Falls complained about an extremely loud generator that was constantly running and was advised there is no noise ordinance in the county.

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