Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: BOLO for the Garbage Pail Kids

| June 3, 2022 12:00 AM

A group of people, possibly teenagers, briefly terrorized the various garbage receptacles of a Kalispell alleyway. A caller told Kalispell Police officers that they spotted a black truck tear through the alleyway, hitting garbage cans as it went.

The pickup turned around, possibly hitting a dumpster, the caller said. They thought that one of the garbage receptacles ended up bouncing off of a neighbor’s truck, though they were unsure if there was any damage.

Responding officers checked out the alley, but could not locate the truck.

A black dog constantly running free around a neighborhood had one resident asking for help from animal control.

A thief broke into a trailer left at a job site over the weekend, stealing items.

Someone passed a distraught individual sitting on the curb and while they didn’t offer any help, they did contact the police, asking for a mental health or security check.

A property owner asked for law enforcement help in removing the grey personal vehicle left behind by a previous tenant. The owner told police that they had recently evicted the renter.

Perhaps channeling Alfred Hitchcock, a resident told police that he thought he saw a car pull up to his neighbor’s and someone hop out to grab a package off of the porch. Upon further conversation, the man acknowledged not actually seeing a theft. He agreed to call back if any other clues turned up.

And speaking of Hitchcock, it wasn’t quite “Rear Window,” but someone searching for an apartment online came across a photo they believed showed a murder. Photographs attached to the listing depicted two people slumped in chairs. While there was no blood and no weapons, the individuals’ faces were blacked out.

Officers investigated and determined the faces were obscured for privacy reasons.

A mother told police that her 18-year-old daughter was in a car with a male peer who was smoking marijuana. Moreover, her daughter also had smoked marijuana. She said a school resource officer already had spoken with the pair.

An individual wandering around a store asking for quarters left an employee feeling uneasy. They asked that police remove the person.

Someone staying in a room in town told police that people in the adjoining rooms were trying to get into his area. When he called the front desk, they told him the room next to his was empty. But he said he could hear multiple people and see his door lock moving.

Officers spoke with the building’s maintenance staff and confirmed that the adjoining room was vacant. The caller seemed OK with that explanation.

A 911 caller reported a lot of homeless people in the area.

Wandering chickens sparked the ire of one resident, who asked for police help in keeping the birds corralled. The chickens belonged to her neighbor and constantly came into her yard and onto her porch.

She asked officers for help in researching the city’s zoning laws and any codes that regulated the keeping of chickens. She also wanted to know what, if any, recourse she had.

The manager of a store contacted police after a customer busted the business’ chip reader when employees refused to refund his money. He then fled on foot. The manager said that it looked as though the man had a holster on his right hip and asked for officers to swing by in person as several of his employees were afraid to leave the building.

Officers spoke with a man who drove up on a dirt bike and parked on a sidewalk.

A dog owner asked for police help with a neighbor’s miniature schnauzer. Their pet husky and German shepherd mix had gotten into a fight with the other dog. The schnauzer’s owner refused to keep it on a leash.

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