Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: Fast cars slowed down by bale in roadway

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 8, 2022 12:00 AM

Life in the fast lane was allegedly blocked by a bale of grain.

A passerby kept right on walking but called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report seeing a man with a “red knee” sitting on a corner screaming in Kalispell.

A Somers woman reportedly had the misfortune of dealing with an unpleasant neighbor who started yelling at her about using an easement while she was out walking her baby and started following her until she took her phone out to call law enforcement. She told deputies they had gone to court to “prove that neighbors could use the easement.”

A woman purportedly thought it was neighborly to yell “cuss words” out her window at a neighbor’s children when they rode a four-wheeler up to another neighbor’s house in Kalispell.

A Bigfork resident didn’t like that a man was rude to him when he allegedly asked him to move from his assigned parking spot and told deputies he was confrontational.

A security camera allegedly captured video of a short, stocky man with a bushy beard trying to gain access to a house in Hungry Horse.

A man reportedly purchased a 30-pack of beer and sold it to minors in the parking lot.

Someone called deputies from Kalispell for advice about a situation where they reportedly gave a man a rifle to hold as collateral for a vehicle sale while they made payments, however, the parties had a falling out.

A woman was allegedly yelling and swearing at middle school children in Kalispell.

An unknown object allegedly went through a porch window in Kila, shattering the glass. A divot was later found in concrete after the impact with the window.

A squatter in Hungry Horse reportedly kept bugging a man to buy her beer and pull her camper out, which was on Forest Service land. The trailer was marked to be towed.

A passerby asked deputies to check on the welfare of a woman clad in black seen lying on a sidewalk. The passerby said she was moving but was unable to stand.

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