Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: Possible ne'er-do-well trying every trick in the book

| June 9, 2022 12:00 AM

A man walking around a neighborhood aroused someone’s suspicions, as he seemed to be pretending to read a book. He was “looking around more often than not.”

A woman’s house turned into an apparently popular destination — much to her alarm. She called the Kalispell Police Department terrified that two men were casing her house.

She reportedly saw a younger man standing on the sidewalk looking at her home. When the neighbor’s dogs started barking, he got into a white van and parked across the street. Then an older man wearing work clothes and knee pads got out and began gawking at her house.

A couple were out Rollerblading when a group of teens drove up in a late 1980s maroon Oldsmobile and shot them with airsoft guns, hitting one of the lovebirds in the neck.

Four people in a black 1990s Cadillac Eldorado allegedly pulled into a parking lot, turned around and as they pulled out shot someone in the back with what the victim thought was a BB gun. Officers located the vehicle occupied by kids and one adult. The group said they were using a pair of Orbeez (a brand of water gel beads) launchers to shoot from the vehicle.

A woman who reportedly had an extensive history of calling 911 to yell at dispatchers, complain about nonsensical things and hang up, was “strongly advised” to stop doing so unless she had an emergency. The woman, on this particular day, had reportedly called 911 and hung up four times within the span of roughly four hours and was given her “last warning.” Officials told her that calling 911 without an emergency was obstructing dispatch, the Kalispell Police Department and city government and that if she continued to do so she would be arrested and taken to jail.

A bombastic man with long gray hair in a ponytail was “yelling in people’s faces” in front of a bookstore and then made his way across Main Street to continue his rant in front of a hotel.

Hours later, another call came in about the ponytailed man, who was allegedly still getting in people’s faces and, this time, was telling them to go home. A woman said he was currently screaming at a man waiting for a taxi.

A passerby allegedly saw a woman dragging a dog that could barely walk and looked “half-dead” on Rails to Trails. She screamed at them when they confronted her about the dog’s condition.

A housekeeper at a motel reportedly found crack pipes and obstructed smoke detectors in a room.

A “heavily built” man purportedly shook what someone thought was a billy club or a screwdriver at a woman he was arguing with and pushed her. They got into a truck another woman was sitting in and drove away.

The billy club turned out to be a flashlight that allegedly was never in play and the altercation involved some “light pushing.” Parties were counseled about disorderly conduct and those with warrants were advised to take care of them.

A property manager asked if officers could let tenants park in a “no parking zone” while the building parking lot was being resealed. His request was denied.

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