Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Law roundup: Ghost in the machine

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 10, 2022 12:00 AM

An alarm company contacted the Kalispell Police Department after someone hit the emergency help button in an area elevator. They told dispatchers that it sounded like a child in the elevator. When they asked if the child needed help, the kid said “Yes and no.” But when officers met with the building’s personnel they learned that no one was supposed to be inside. An inspection turned up an empty elevator, which was in fine working order.

A woman received an unwelcome surprise when a man strolled into her apartment.

The twentysomething told dispatchers that she was relaxing on the couch when the man, who she did not know, let himself inside. While she managed to get him back outside, a neighbor told her over the phone that the man was sitting by her door. He soon began ringing the bell and trying the door handle. Responding officers found and detained the man. He was later released with a citation.

A woman contacted authorities to let them know that another woman was bothering her and if it didn’t come to a stop, she would “shoot her dead.” She refused to answer the dispatchers’ follow up questions, but told a responding officer that the woman kept sending her prostitutes. Officers confirmed that she was unarmed and did not own a gun.

A resident reported seeing her “crackhead” neighbors at each other’s throats, telling dispatchers that she heard yelling and saw the man throwing things. She was worried about a child who lived in the nearby home. Arriving officers recognized the home from previous cases involving drugs. But the people living there told authorities a fight never occurred. The two told officers, who left soon after, that they felt safe in each other’s company.

A blue sedan struck a cyclist, apparently intentionally. The cyclist, who was soon up and walking around, turned down medical attention. He told responding officers that the vehicle, which had left the scene, struck him on purpose. Police were unable to locate the sedan.

A gas station attendant phoned police after noticing several people sleeping inside their vehicle. The employee told officers that they wanted the individuals removed. On scene, officers spoke with the motorist and advised them of several outstanding trespass and bond issues. In the meantime, gas station management agreed to donate enough fuel to get on their way.

A postal worker reported coming across a homeless person sleeping in the lobby of a post office.

Someone caught a minor with a vaping device. The child was disciplined and the device turned over to law enforcement for destruction.

Dispatchers got a call from a migrant worker upset with his living conditions. Through a translator, they learned that the man had been recruited to the area for manual labor — all expenses paid. But now he was in a motel and having to pay for his lodging.

Investigators spoke with the individual’s employer, who confirmed paying to bring the man up to work. He initially lived in a group home with other laborers, but the arrangement ran into problems. The employer said the worker gets drunk and aggressive. Hence, the move to the motel.

Officers explained that this was a civil matter between the two of them.

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