Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: A call for the kindergarten cop

| June 12, 2022 12:00 AM

A exasperated parent called the Columbia Falls Police Department hoping they might send an officer over to speak with a 9-year-old throwing a tantrum.

Dispatchers connected the parent to department brass, who explained that, from a law enforcement perspective, there wasn’t much to be done. The parent was told that officers felt uncomfortable with either disciplining the child or threatening her with consequences “when there is no real legal recourse for that behavior” by a youngster.

Officers offered numbers for a counselor and a mental health professional, telling the parent to call back if the child began hurting themself or others.

Ice fishing equipment found last winter was finally returned to its rightful owner.

A parent asked officers to keep an eye out for their son’s wallet, which went missing during the annual senior cruise.

The owner of recently purchased property asked for help in removing an abandoned Ford Taurus found on the land.

A resident previously warned for not clearing a noxious weed from their property phoned dispatch to let them know they are taking steps to mitigate the problem. They were hoping to avoid a citation.

Someone who borrowed several tools showed up at the police department to return the items.

Officers learned of a potentially reckless driving heading west on U.S. 2. Callers described the vehicle as cutting other motorists off, weaving through traffic and tailgating.

A landlord turned a letter from a tenant that they deemed potentially threatening over to authorities. The property owner said they were in the process of evicting the tenant and might leave the area until the situation is wrapped up. Officers gave the missive a read and noted that the letter did not overtly threaten or insinuate a violent response, though it did express frustration. They offered to walk the landlord through the process of securing a temporary restraining order.

A resident received a letter from a neighbor telling her to leave them alone. The recipient alerted authorities and said she would drop what little communication she had with the neighbor.

First responders arrived at the scene of a motor vehicle crash. The motorist was uninjured, though their passenger was in a bit of pain.

A shed door found left open prompted a request for an extra patrol.

Officers cited a motorist for parking within 30 feet of a stop sign at an intersection.

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