Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: Man offers local deputies tip regarding Jan. 6 riot

| June 15, 2022 12:00 AM

A man walked into the lobby of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office with a tip regarding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in Washington, D.C. The man told deputies his information concerned antifa and the cable news network CNN. He did not have a working phone number for law enforcement to follow up with him.

A woman reported an ex-boyfriend taking her keys and stealing items from her car as well as her purse before authorities arrived on the scene in what appeared to be a break up gone bad.

Someone broke into a vacant home and stole several items. The homeowner, who told deputies they were moving out of the home in increments, reported finding the door open upon arrival several times prior.

Someone broke into an unlocked car. The owner of the vehicle reported that there have been thefts in the area at night. They requested law enforcement extra patrols in the neighborhood.

Deputies received a report of several skinny, malnourished dogs tied up to a motorhome. The person who alerted authorities asked to remain anonymous.

A caller recalled hearing a radio DJ make threats on air to blow himself and his radio station up several days earlier. The caller could not recall whether the station was based locally or out of Missoula.

Someone came across a deer that looked to have been mauled by a mountain lion or bear. They described the animal, which was found by a stream, as “pretty tore up.”

Speeding automobiles near a school proved to be a cause of concern for one resident, who asked that authorities run extra patrols in the neighborhood after they spotted one vehicle peeling out. The resident said speeders had grown more common in the area in recent weeks.

A woman reported her two-year old daughter as missing. She eventually found the child in a cabinet while on the phone with dispatch.

A Kalispell area resident expressed frustration with a neighbor’s love of loud music. She wanted deputies to handle the situation. Dispatchers explained that the county lacked a noise ordinance. She suggested the sheriff’s office look into enforcing a nuisance ordinance before hanging up.

Another Kalispell area resident made the same request, saying their neighbor’s loud music sent vibrations running through her home, which bothered her daughters. Dispatchers likewise explained about the lack of a noise ordinance in the county.

A member of a store’s board of directors asked deputies to remove a transient man living in the woods behind the business.

A woman reported spotting a possible would-be burglar casing the neighborhood. She told deputies that a suspicious man had driven around a specific property several times for about an hour. Responding deputies met with the man, who explained he was examining a construction site for items he wanted to buy.

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