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Nonprofit seeks land for housing project

| March 5, 2022 12:00 AM

Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana is looking to partner with a local landowner or donor for a housing project.

The nonprofit is seeking one acre of land or more to place three modular units that will hold a total of 17 rental units. Community Action is open to purchasing, leasing or receiving the land as a donation.

Community Action will be purchasing the units outright and is able to complete the infrastructure funding, “but is in critical need of a partnership of land to house the units,” according to a press release.

The units will be available “to be deployed” within one month.

The units will be rented well below market rent and Community Action and other partner agencies will provide case management services onsite. “This evidence-based approach of providing supportive housing is proven to help people achieve long-term success and financial independence,” the press release states.

Community Action currently owns four low-income apartment complexes in the valley, and the organization partnered on establishing two others. According to the press release, those units operate at nearly 100% occupancy year-round and they all have waitlists. CAP also supports other area nonprofits, including the Flathead Warming Center, the Abbie Shelter, the Samaritan House and the Sunburst Village

That lack of inventory, along with the closure of the extended-stay motel at the FairBridge Inn, Suites and Outlaw Convention Center, spurred Community Action to undertake this project.

“It is increasingly apparent that a long-term solution surrounding housing inventory for those with limited incomes or high barriers is critical in order to move the needle on local homelessness and housing instability,” the press release stated. “A critical need exists now due to the extremely low vacancy rate of .04%, the upcoming tourist season, the closure of extended stay hotel options and statistically high rates of homelessness compared to other areas in the state. As a result, CAPNM is taking all steps possible to increase the available inventory for residents within Flathead County who lack safe and affordable housing.”

Those interested in learning more about this effort or those who are aware of land that may work for this project should contact Community Action Partnership of NW MT at 406-752-6565.