Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Law roundup: Man threatens to carve person’s ears

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 1, 2022 12:00 AM

A man allegedly told a business owner he was a Navy SEAL and if he caught them outside he would “carve their ears.” The man was wearing red shorts, leggings, and a baseball cap and was holding a piece of wood like a cane. The Kalispell Police Department was unable to locate the man.

A man was reportedly shouting and hitting a car and acting erratically enough for someone to ask officers to check on him, thinking he might be on drugs. Apparently, his behavior was just anger. He told officers he was mad because his wife took out a bunch of money and said sorry.

A pedestrian allegedly found a Ruger pistol in a red, white and blue holster while walking on a trail by a hotel. The Ruger, which had a full magazine, was picked up by police for safekeeping.

A customer with a child and an infant allegedly kept leaving them at a table to go to the bathroom and then returning “really stoned” and was “nodding off,” which led people to believe she was doing drugs. Officers made contact with the woman, who was in a bathroom stall. When they asked her to come out she flushed the toilet twice. There were reportedly pieces of tinfoil on the ground that didn’t have any residue. Although drug use was probable it was not substantiated so she was counseled about child endangerment and advised of her warrants.

Someone allegedly saw a shirtless and barefoot man staring at trees and tripping. They also had the misfortune of seeing him pull down his shorts and couldn’t tell if he was urinating or doing something else because he had been there for more than 20 minutes.

The latch of a portable toilet was found damaged and the owner reportedly had video footage of someone breaking into it.

A neighbor complained about “sketchy” vehicles parking in front of their house and people getting out and walking over to a different location. They said they were advised told to call the police when they saw more vehicles.

A passerby thought she saw a burglary when she claimed a man broke a lock off a building and heard what sounded like a drill being used and then saw a man getting into a white vehicle. Police spoke with an employee inside the building who said the vehicle was dropped off for service, keys were deposited into a key box and no one was seen damaging the building or gaining entry.

A man allegedly dumped garbage in a public garbage container in an alley and someone wanted to know if that was allowed because he “was not from here.”

Someone went to the police department lobby wanting to talk to officers about a driver running a stop sign near a high school.

Someone was certain four people inside a vehicle sitting out front were doing drugs that they called 911. Although they didn’t see anyone doing drugs, they told officers drugs had been an issue in the area. The person called 911 later to report the vehicle left.

A dog was inside its house when officers advised the owner of a barking complaint and gave him a copy of the city ordinance. The person who called in the complaint said they could also hear the dog barking inside as well as outside. Officers told them to keep a log if the dog barked outside, however, there was not much they could do if the dog was barking inside.

An officer made contact with a dog owner whose dog was loose again despite having been issued a previous citation. The officer asked the owner why she failed to contact them in the past and she reportedly had no answer. She also claimed she didn’t receive the citation, so the officer gave her information on when she needed to appear in court. The officer also explained she could get another citation and that the neighbors were fearful of her dog and had the right to defend themselves. The officer also educated her on the vicious dog ordinance.

Two suspicious vehicles were hanging around a location where the manager requested extra patrols.

A very thin female Catahoula dog was found by some ponds and was taken to the county animal shelter.

A “do not enter” sign was knocked down at a pizza store and people kept reporting it as a fallen stop sign. Public Works was advised about the situation.

A man was suspicious of two vehicles parking on a property they weren’t supposed to be at and thought it was strange that someone tried to rent a room with a passport and an expired out-of-state license and called the police wanting to know they had warrants out. Officers advised him there was “nothing out of the ordinary” with the two vehicles he was concerned with. He planned to call back if he noticed any suspicious activity in the rooms.

A catalytic converter was reported stolen from a Chevy bus sometime between July 2021 and April.

A man kicked off a property in the morning later returned to look through the trash.

Someone thought a man might be stealing dealer license plates but it was a wholesaler coming to get his plates and no crime had been committed.

Someone broke into a man’s car and stole money, credit cards and children’s belongings. The man suspected an ex.

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