Saturday, May 21, 2022

Letters to the editor May 3

| May 3, 2022 12:00 AM

Support Kalispell Public Schools

I know that even though I don’t have children, people like me are the direct beneficiary of our schools, and that is why we must support the Kalispell High School levy.

There are many other examples of spending on our social fabric that I support, but don’t use directly. I support funding a police and court system because it’s critical to a functioning society, and yet I hope to never be involved with either. I support funding our fire and EMT services, but I don’t want to hear a siren. I support funding for our roads even if I don’t drive on every mile of them.

And I support funding schools because just like other things we depend upon, our community would be a shadow of itself without them. I love what our public schools do for my own quality of life. A few dollars a month is a bargain to make sure it continues.

— Peter Saunders, Kalispell

Won’t vote for the permanent levy

Wow! Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone voted to give me $1.5 million each year from now to eternity?

Well, I know that is not going to happen and I don’t think that it should for our Kalispell schools either.

I strongly support educating our youth, but I believe that school levies should be reviewed periodically and not made perpetual. That is why I am voting against the current proposed levy.

— Gerry Hurst, Marion

Chicago-style candidates

It’s time to spring clean our county house of the big city style of political patronage as exhibited by the Boss Tweeds of the Flathead, such as .Holmquist, Skees and their merry band of elitists who joyfully exercised their voter granted power by locking down the county at the March 19, 2020 Health Board meeting. That vote tortured the elderly, frightened school children, parents, and destroyed many small businesses.

Character counts folks. We need a commissioner who has a record of selfless service and integrity.

If you want a big city Chicago-style type of commissioner, vote for Holmquist. She has reigned for 12 years and wants six more.

If however, you want a commissioner of the common people — one who believes in the freedom to make our own decisions about the health and welfare of our families — vote for Jason Parce.

As the song by country music legend Merle Haggard goes, “Big city turn me loose and set me free.”

— Willie Douglass, Hungry Horse

Pierson for clerk and recorder

I would like to heartily endorse Debbie Pierson for re-election for Flathead County clerk and recorder.

As a fourth generation Flathead resident, I am always glad to see another longtime resident with such love for the Flathead. It has been a pleasure to see her fulfill this position and the many departments she oversees. My dealings with the staff and her directly have always been positive and helpful. Her devotion and integrity with her position over the years are evident.

I would like to see the cohesive atmosphere of her oversight continue so please join me in re-electing Debbie Pierson as our clerk and recorder.

— Dick Tyree, West Glacier

Decker is against lockdowns

I am writing to express my support of Devon Decker for House District 11. Devon has stated repeatedly that he will never support lockdowns, even though one of his opponents, Ronalee Skees, voted for it on March 19, 2020. This is very important to me, because I had a very difficult time seeking medical treatment during the lockdowns and it has had a long-term effect on my health.

If Ronalee voted for this once, she could do so again and I need someone to represent me that I can count on.

— Brenda Hambrick, Lakeside

Brockman cares about Evergreen

Tony Brockman is the homegrown legislative candidate House District 9 deserves. Born and raised in Evergreen, Tony has never forgotten his roots. I’ve known Tony for over 20 years, and I’ve always known him to be an intelligent, honest, and thoughtful man with a heart for service. Tony has the commitment, demonstrated experience, and work ethic residents of Evergreen and north Kalispell value.

No fly-by-night candidate, Tony serves as an Evergreen Fire District Trustee, a member of Sheriff Brian Heino’s Citizens’ Advisory Board, and is a part of the transformational Core and Rail Redevelopment Project to build the Glacier Rail Park and Kalispell’s Parkline trail as a board member of the Flathead County Economic Development Authority.

In August 2021, the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce and Daily Inter Lake recognized him as one of the Flathead Valley’s 40 Under 40 young professionals for his varied accomplishments.

Focused on improving community safety, Tony will give First Responders and Law Enforcement the support they need to keep us safe. He also believes in strengthening our community’s infrastructure by investing in road improvements such as widening Reserve Drive, bridges, wastewater treatment facilities, and broadband internet. I’m confident Tony will never forget where he comes from or who he represents as House District 9’s voice in the Montana House. He will always represent the needs of his district first.

Please join me in voting for Tony Brockman for House District 9 in this year’s primary election. It’s time residents of Evergreen and north Kalispell had homegrown representation focused on their most critical legislative priorities.

— Jeff Bailey, Kalispell

Dunn supports gun rights

In today’s day and our days ahead we need someone like David Dunn to advocate for us Montanans.

With his successful experience in Montana’s legislature and his great working relationship with our governor and attorney feneral he is someone who we can totally count on to be our voice.

He voted against every proposed tax legislation and vows to continue to do so.

We have a Second Amendment right that David protected by stopping the proposed “red flag law” that would have violated our gun rights as Montanans.

As a Montana farmer himself he knows the needs we are facing right now and will work hard to keep the standard that all farmers need to remain successful especially now with this current and upcoming food crisis that is quickly hitting our homes.

Please join with me and vote for David Dunn for House District 8 where we can be certain he has the best interests in keeping our Montana the Montana we know and love.

— Amber Golliday, Kila

Twichel for HD-8

I would like to go on record as endorsing Mark Twichel for the House District 8 position in Kalispell for the state Legislature.

Mark has the knowledge, work history, ability to work with people, along with having a strong desire to serve. I’ve been friends with Mark and his family for many years and we both attended MSU. I served as the Representative for House District 8 from 2011-2017 and Mark was always engaged while I served.

Mark has always been a small business advocate and spent many years on the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce’s board. He has passion for his community by being involved with many civic organizations. I see him as a man that really wants to give back to the community. He has always cared about allowing businesses to grow without government interference and lowering taxes. He has been a longtime supporter of the Republican candidates and very vocal about it.

He is a member of St. Matthews Parish as faith is a big part of their family. He and his wife Gina, of 28 years, raised three wonderful daughters in Kalispell.

Please join me in supporting Mark Twichel for House District 8. I know he will do great things for the citizens of Kalispell and Montana as a whole.

­— Steve Lavin, Helena