Saturday, May 21, 2022

Law roundup: Sofa goes ‘couch surfing’

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 5, 2022 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report of a couch sitting in a street that was taking up parking. The person calling in the report said they previously reported the couch when it was on the boulevard about three weeks ago.

A woman claimed she could smell crack cocaine coming from a room and asked the “drug dogs to come and sniff it out.” She said that she knew the smell as she used to smoke the drug decades ago.

A woman allegedly returned home from work to find a can of soup and what looked like a piece of jerky sticking out of it on her patio. She was concerned that it was becoming an ongoing issue after previously finding a man out there.

A bag full of needles was reportedly found near a bike path by a man who said he would wait for officers to arrive by Woodland Park.

A man, who reportedly had something sharp in his hand, kept going back to someone’s house and knocking on the doo so one of the family members went outside and started yelling at him.

A fitness center employee reportedly chased off a man lying in a pile of “junk-like bags” by the entrance. The employee said he also had been looking through cars in the parking lot, trying to get in them.

A library employee was allegedly suspicious that a heavily tattooed man and another man wearing a baseball cap and glasses were doing a drug deal in the bathroom after they were in there for 30 seconds and then one of the men left. The employee asked officers to walk through the building.

A director at a location was viewing the building’s security camera when they reportedly saw a woman, who undressed down to her gray T-shirt, on top of a man on the front porch. The director was concerned the couple might be having “sexual relations” and wanted them formally banned from the property.

An employee allegedly wanted to press charges against a guest who pulled a fire alarm when there was no fire.

An apartment dweller was spooked after reportedly hearing noises of what sounded like someone moving things around in the upstairs apartment that should have been vacant and told officers her landlord told her to report any incidents of people upstairs.

Someone claimed at least 50 vehicles were involved in a drag race on Rose Crossing and said it was an ongoing issue.