Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Law roundup: Man’s rude behavior needs removal

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 8, 2022 12:00 AM

A man was allegedly spraying weeds for a neighbor in Whitefish with the owner’s permission when someone came out and confronted him by getting in his face and saying he was on the wrong property. The man told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office the person was about 2 inches away from him and was repeatedly asked to get out of his face.

A passerby reportedly saw a man in a tan jumpsuit loitering at a Kalispell location and shaking doors. They said a young employee inside looked scared and locked the doors. The man, who may have been looking for a disco party, then stood by an ice machine and started dancing.

A kid on a bicycle was reportedly almost hit by a red pickup with a spoiler that was racing through the neighborhood.

A woman claimed she was legally parked on a shoulder area when a man with a dog aggressively approached her, grilled her about where she was from and pushed up the hatch on her vehicle to see her, which made her feel threatened.

An Instagram user purportedly threatened to show up at someone’s Columbia Falls residence if they didn’t give up their Playstation login account information.

Someone allegedly purchased an RV in Hungry Horse and discovered that someone had defecated on the mattress which had lots of fluids trapped in it. The new owner thought it was suspicious and wanted deputies to take a look at it.

A Bigfork resident voiced their appreciation for the work law enforcement was doing and said they were grateful for the extra patrol provided.

Chickens were running on the loose in the road and n someone’s yard in Kalispell.

A man was allegedly punching a dog in a vehicle in Whitefish.

A “big fuzzy dog” was reportedly lying in an unshaded kennel in Kalispell and it didn’t look like it had any food or water.

A growling husky-type dog bared its teeth at a scared woman and her leashed dog and then allegedly knocked her “on her butt,” in Kalispell. The owners asked if she was OK and she made it home, however, she remained upset that the dog wasn’t contained by a fence or lead.

A Columbia Falls woman claimed her neighbor wouldn’t allow her to use an easement.

Someone allegedly took a grinder to someone’s vehicle underneath the driveline in Columbia Falls.

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