Sunday, May 28, 2023

Law roundup: Man found peeking by buildings

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 9, 2022 12:00 AM

A man was purportedly seen peeking behind some buildings by a woman who said he then ducked behind a tree. She told the Kalispell Police Department that she didn’t see if he had any weapons because his hands were in his pockets.

Someone got off work to find a woman clad in all black outside allegedly rolling around on the ground, crying and screaming in the middle of the parking lot and asked officers to check on her. Officers checked on the woman who seemed to be OK.

A woman asked for assistance in dealing with a neighbor who allegedly plays the drums in his garage for hours at a time, disturbing the peace. She also claimed he was combative with repairmen in the past and damaged her vehicles.

A man and woman were heard screaming and yelling about a broken phone among other things. Loud slamming noises were also heard and then a man, who looked like he had been drinking, walked down a sidewalk and kind of rolled off the bottom of some stairs. The woman had kicked him out after letting him stay a couple of nights because he got into an argument with her boyfriend.

A man wearing a brown coat and blue jeans was allegedly looking through vehicles in garages.

Officers received a report about a reckless driver cutting off other cars. The driver was counseled.

A man was reportedly taking cards off a bulletin board and tearing them up.

A man was taken to the hospital by ambulance after someone thought he was having a drug overdose. Officers found meth paraphernalia that showed signs of recent use.

A man was seen slumped over the wheel by a passerby. He was just sleeping.

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