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Letters to the editor May 9

| May 9, 2022 12:00 AM

Bukacek stands on integrity

I am writing in support of Dr. Bukacek for PSC5.

Dr. Bukacek is a skilled researcher that has used research in her practice. This research experience is invaluable for her role on the PSC. The PSC is in desperate need of strong advocates for all Montanans. Dr. Bukacek has a long record of advocacy for all Montanans, including those who don’t have a voice, such as the preborn and elderly.

Dr. Bukacek is a courageous warrior for liberty and never closed her practice to her patients during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, showing she stands on principle regardless of possible negative consequences to herself. While other doctors were closing their doors, Dr. Bukacek spoke out about the fraud, faulty science and hysteria surrounding Covid-19.

Dr. Annie Bukacek stands on integrity and truth, something desperately needed in the in the PSC. Overall, Dr. Bukacek is a proven public servant and peoples advocate and is the obvious choice for PSC.

— Jessica Menard, Marion

Endorses Sprunger

I am proud to support Courtenay Sprunger in her quest to serve as a HD7 Representative in the Montana Legislature. I have known Courtenay for several years and in that time, she has earned my support for one reason — respect. Courtenay respects truth, public education, and a strong community. Courtenay Sprunger will represent HD7 well!

Working side by side with Courtenay on several projects, I have experienced her passion and enthusiasm for the Flathead Community. She seeks out the truth on issues and builds credibility within the community. She genuinely wants to serve the community.

She and I share a core value of quality public education. She comes from a family of educators and has spent time with professional educators in the Flathead and in Montana learning about our current school system and how to strengthen a plan for student success. She supports building strong partnerships between schools and private business for work-based learning opportunities. She is excited about supporting Montana’s public Schools to become even better than they are now.

Courtenay respects the diverse cultures that make our community strong. As a 5th generation resident of the Flathead, Courtenay has experienced many changes. She champions collaboration with stakeholders to identify solutions to issues in the valley and in the state of Montana..

I respect Courtenay’s courage in her quest to represent us in the next legislative session and I encourage you to vote for Courtenay Sprunger for HD7. She is a leader in keeping Montana the best place for future generations.

— Sue Corrigan, Kalispell

Waterman is a leader

I am thrilled that Kalispell has the opportunity to elect Kyle Waterman to represent Senate District 4.

Kyle is a native Montanan who has lived and worked in the Flathead Valley for over 10 years. Kyle has consistently strived to better of our community as a Kalispell City councilperson, member of the Flathead City-County Health Board and County Suicide Prevention Taskforce and chair of the Flathead Homeless Taskforce. Through all of these activities, Kyle has demonstrated an ability to engage in difficult conversations and reach workable solutions through the art of compromise.

During the nearly two-year Covid shutdown, Kyle helped find solutions to keep necessary support services available for our homeless and other at-risk populations. Rather than ignore these needs, Kyle was instrumental in finding creative ways to ensure that access to the emergency homeless shelter, library computer and internet services, Covid vaccine clinics, public transportation, behavior health and other services remained available for all, but especially our most vulnerable populations.

Kyle clearly exhibits the type of leadership and character that Flathead County deserves and needs at the State Legislature. Let’s make sure he is successful in representing us!

— Kip Smith, Kalispell

Conservative quacking

The battle is on. Even former county commissioner, Gary “one-term” Krueger is piling on Pam Holmquist against her re-election. Sour grapes? In Krueger’s re-election bid the conservative Republicans refused to be fooled a second time and he was soundly trounced by an actual Republican and conservative. As the old saying goes, “If it sounds like a duck...”

This year another candidate challenging Pam, Jack Fallon, is doing a lot of conservative “quacking” himself.

Question: Do “conservative Republicans” believe our schools should be teaching critical race theory and letting male students in the Flathead’s schools compete in our girls sports programs? If your answer is no, you might want to check out Mr. Fallon’s record while serving as a School District 5 school board official.

Once again to the Flathead’s Republicans and conservatives, “if it sounds like a duck...”

— Russ Crowder, Marion

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