Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Law roundup: Alleged vendetta delivered instead of package

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 10, 2022 12:00 AM

A man allegedly went into a long spiel with an officer about a delivery service company not holding a package containing $800 in goods at their facility until he could pick it up and was adamant the matter was criminal, not civil, in nature and wanted to report it as a theft.

He purportedly believed one of the managers was purposely trying to “deprive him of the package” because of some kind of “vendetta” against him.

A compliance monitoring employee allegedly advised officers about receiving notification that a device was tampered with at a location where a woman wasn’t supposed to be in or around. Turns out it was a false alarm due to the woman being in jail.

Two lookie-loos were reportedly spotted in a house that was supposed to be vacant and that a backdoor had been kicked in and glass broken. The women claimed to be looking at the property to possibly purchase it and said they were working with an agent but were not able to provide any contact information. Officers moved the pair along, telling them not to return without an agent. The damage to the door appeared to be old.

A passerby thought people were living in horse stalls at the fairgrounds after reportedly finding a bicycle, toilet paper and trash.

A woman allegedly came out of a business screaming that she was going to call the cops on another woman who parked her box truck in front of a store. The driver wanted a “note in the system” that she had done nothing wrong.

Officers received more than one complaint about parked trucks blocking a sidewalk for a year. Officers attempted to contact the residents and left citations and copies of the parking codes on the vehicles.

A woman reportedly stopped her vehicle to confront a man in a white truck about hitting his dog, which was running from him, and he told her to “(expletive) off.” Another woman pulled over and tried to intervene when he allegedly showed her a gun that the other woman didn’t see.

A woman reportedly started screaming at someone who asked her to move her vehicle because it was hogging up two parking spots. The banshee then went upstairs and came downstairs where she paced while talking on the phone in front of a business, making customers uneasy. Then, a man arrived and did the same thing. Officers said they would drive through the area a couple of times.

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