Thursday, May 26, 2022

Law Roundup: Motorbikes too fast and too furious for one neighbor

| May 12, 2022 12:00 AM

A homeowner was less than thrilled with the children of a family new to their neighborhood. The two boys had quickly taken to riding up and down the nearby streets on motorbikes and at high speeds.

The caller told the Kalispell Police Department that they worried the pair’s antics put other people in the neighborhood at risk.

It took a couple of hours, but officers tracked down the new neighbors. They counseled the parents on their speed racers.

A child claimed his babysitter washed his mouth out with soap, prompting his mother to phone the police. She offered no update on the cleanliness of his speech, but said the child had suffered an upset stomach.

Dispatchers connected the mother with her ex-husband, who had arranged the babysitter. He suspected the story was fiction. But the two decided to approach the babysitter together to uncover the truth.

The manager of a local property contacted police to report an ongoing disturbance. When dispatchers asked for more information, though, the caller grew angry and told them to forget about it.

A homeless man setting up camp in the alcove of a local building drew the ire of the property owner. He asked officers to move the man along. When they arrived, they found the area vacant. The owner told officers that when he told the fellow to get moving, the man complied.

A gentleman inquired as to whether he could conceal carry at a local circus.

Locked up in an Idaho detention center, an inmate asked if law enforcement could conduct a welfare check on his father. The inmate reported no mental health or medical issues, but had not heard from his father in several days.

Eventually, they tracked down the inmate’s father, who said he had previously explained to his son that he could not speak with him every day. Officers left the matter of contacting the inmate up to the elder man.

Someone called in a report of a man in a wheelchair blocking traffic to panhandle. Responding officers determined the call was a hoax.

An eviction almost turned even uglier after a landlord refused to let the outgoing tenant take a few of his belongings. The landlord told authorities that the man owed him more than $5,000, which was why he was holding the items. Eventually, the two reached an agreement.

Employees of a local watering hole discovered what they thought was a homeless camp crafted out of lumber and tarp alongside a downtown bicycle and pedestrian path. They asked for officers to make extra patrols in the area at night.

Responding officers, though, deemed the set up more of a cache than anything else. They left a business card and note explaining that if the items were not removed, they might be junked.

Officers investigated a report of a fight that left one person hospitalized.

A landlord reported receiving harassing text messages and phone calls from a former tenant.

Someone reported that a woman got jumped by five other people a few days back.

Officers tracked down a woman accused of shoplifting toys from a local store with the help of an employee who kept tabs on the suspect vehicle until authorities arrived.

Someone saw a neighbor toss a puppy outside and began kicking and punching it. The caller said they had heard the person behind the beating yell about the dog before, but never physically hurt it. Arriving officers reported finding the home empty and no signs of a puppy.

A suspicious group of people going in and out of a nearby duplex armed with flashlights convinced one local resident to ask for an extra patrol.

A neighbor reported hearing loud noises and yelling coming from another apartment. They told police they believed a woman and her children lived there. Officers met with the apartment dwellers who told them that there was no argument.

After a woman was detained by police officers for drinking, her significant other told them she was supplied with alcohol. They asked officers about whether they could press charges against another individual for providing a minor with alcohol.

Someone walked up to a parked truck and slashed the tires. Fearing possibly escalating the situation, the truck’s owner declined to pursue charges.