Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Law roundup: Repeat beating prompts police response

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 17, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman allegedly broke into a house and beat up a resident. The resident said they didn’t need medical attention, had security footage of the incident and wanted to press charges. They said the woman had done this in the past to mutual friends.

A concerned father reportedly asked officers to talk to his 9-year-old about his behavior after catching him trying to set a box on fire while playing with a lighter.

A man allegedly found a headlamp and a knife on his property.

Unruly people were allegedly showing up to a location where meals were being served and organizers wanted to know if extra patrol could be provided or how to proceed when “bad behavior” occurs. Officers suggested starting out by posting signs with a set of rules for proper behavior on the property to try and preempt behavioral issues. They recommended, however, calling the police if an incident involves confrontational behavior or criminal activity.

A woman out walking with a neighbor and their young child were frightened by a barefoot, bearded man they didn’t know. He allegedly ran out of a house screaming he knew what she had done and chased her across the street. Officers made contact with the man, who appeared intoxicated and very paranoid. Officers also counseled the homeowner and the man’s parent about the incident.

Revelers got on a woman’s last nerve after reportedly having one too many raucous weekend parties. The woman didn’t know how many people were there or if they were outside or inside, however, she described it as an “extremely loud,” party with singing. Officers made contact with residents, who weren’t very loud at the time, and advised them to keep it down.

A man was seen lying in an “unnatural” position in a vehicle with his legs dangling out the door. The vehicle had windows broken out and tires that appeared to be flat, which made a passerby suspicious that the car had been vandalized and something had happened to the occupant. The man was OK and was sleeping.

A passerby allegedly heard a man and woman arguing and the woman yelling, “Ow, that hurt.” The man possibly had beer cans with him.

A woman was reportedly suspicious of a white truck that kept parking in front of her house because she had never seen it before.

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