Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Law roundup: Woman’s heart belongs to Whitefish

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 19, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman voiced her concerns about a man’s intentions to dispatchers, alleging he was behaving like he owned her despite being casual friends. She described him as being “like an orphan on crack.”

She claimed he wanted her to fall in love with him, but said she was “in love with the City of Whitefish,” which was her full-time job. She reportedly believed he hacked into her phone lines in an attempt to prevent her from calling law enforcement.

Dispatchers said they would relay her concerns to officers with the Whitefish Police Department.

A woman was shaken after a man reportedly killed her cat and attempted to break into her home.

A broom was removed from the road.

A “chuck” of firewood was spotted in the road of U.S. 93 by a passerby who thought it could mess up someone’s vehicle if hit.

Someone described a man sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot as apparently agitated. He was arguing with someone and hitting the steering wheel.

A man purportedly fell asleep in a vehicle at a gas station pump for possibly more than an hour.

The Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a report of an assault where a man reportedly called out another man’s name and started punching him until his face bled. He was taken to jail.

A man in a four-wheeler was allegedly chasing a truck. He rammed into the rear passenger door on the driver’s side and tried to jump on the truck.

A man with a beer in his hand was purportedly found wandering a parking lot by an employee and went inside the building despite the employee telling him he was in the wrong building. The employee asked officers to move him along.

Someone reportedly saw a drunk woman stumbling around trying to find her vehicle.

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