Saturday, June 25, 2022

Law roundup Man’s bathroom art heist unsuccessful

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 22, 2022 12:00 AM

Three men who allegedly stole a painting from a bathroom had returned to the scene of the crime at a restaurant and casino. The business owner said they wanted to talk to Kalispell Police Department officers about the situation before talking to the men. One of the men said he took the artwork and would return it. The owner didn’t want to press charges.

A man reportedly wanted to talk to an officer about giving another man money to invest who had since “evaporated.”

A passerby was allegedly concerned about the welfare of an elderly man who was using a walker with which he was “totally cruising.” The passerby said he looked like “he escaped a home.”

A white van stopped at an intersection and a man allegedly slumped over the wheel through at least four light cycles. A tow truck was called and the man was taken to the emergency room to have his blood drawn.

An obnoxious neighbor reportedly yelled at a man and his construction workers across the way and threatened they were going to have “their kid” run into one of the trailers and then sue him. The man wanted officers to “control the situation” so they could work. Both parties accused the other of using profane language and parking and blocking sidewalks. Both parties were asked to keep the sidewalks clear and not have contact with each other if they could not communicate like adults.

An unruly woman with curly blonde hair was being disorderly at a casino and yelling at someone who kept asking her to leave.

A woman backed into a store, damaging it.

A male with acne on his face allegedly took off on a silver bicycle after trying to steal from a store.

A woman allegedly asked officers to move along a man wrapped in a blanket outside her door after he refused to leave. He packed up and left.

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