Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Law roundup: Woman needs to put a hold on anger

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 23, 2022 12:00 AM

An uncouth woman left a business after reportedly slugging an employee on the chin when she did not get what she wanted. Sluggo decided to take matters into her own hands when she was told she could not order items and put them on hold until July and “got nasty,” then struck the employee. The employee said she was not injured and did not want to pursue assault charges, however, she requested the Kalispell Police Department give the case report number to her supervisor if the customer returned.

Someone raised concerns after reportedly hearing that the word on the street was that an officer was being called “Conan the eater of puppies.”

Someone driving a big truck and claiming to be with “Kalispell City” complained that people at a location were parking “all funky” and blocking garages that said “no parking.” Officers didn’t see any violations or receive complaints from any residents.

A manager allegedly heard from a customer that a man was engaged in “indecent sexual gratification” under a tree near the building.

A woman reported her wedding ring was lost in either Kalispell or Columbia Falls and described it as white gold with one band of diamonds and two bands of emeralds.

A couple of kids reportedly threw paint thinner on a man’s truck and he said officers were already dealing with them for stealing packages in the area.

A woman’s medication allegedly disappeared and she told officers she was living in an alley until an apartment opened up. She asked officers to provide a crime report so she could get a prescription refill, however, she was told there was no crime to write a report. The officer provided a copy of an incident report and informed her of her warrant.

An elderly woman found standing by cash registers had reportedly been left at the grocery store by her grandson and she didn’t have a phone.

Someone complained that a woman had eight vehicles, of which, only one was operable, and wanted to know why officers didn’t ticket all the of them. The person alleged the woman would have her brother come by with a tow truck, tow them around and park them.

A man reportedly kept sneaking into a restaurant to sleep and had been asked to leave four times before an employee called officers to move him along after he had slept there for six hours.

Someone informed police they were working on a TV show and the first filming location was at the fairgrounds Sunday.

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