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Keep Montana, Montana when filling out your ballot

by Don Kaltschmidt
| November 3, 2022 12:00 AM

Election Day is around the corner, and one of the most fundamental rights we have as American citizens is the right to vote. With so much at stake this year, I encourage you to ask yourself the following:

Who will push back against the Democrats’ reckless tax and spend agenda that has left Montana families choosing between gas or groceries? Who will defend our Montana way of life and protect our Second Amendment rights? Who will work to secure the southern border? And lastly, who will work to keep Montana, Montana? With these questions in mind, your choices are clear this election.

For the first time in 30 years, Montanans will have not one, but two voices in the U.S. House of Representatives. For Montana’s First Congressional District, Ryan Zinke is the right person to serve. As a fifth generation Montanan, Navy SEAL Commander, and former Interior Secretary under President Trump, Zinke knows how to fight for our Montana way of life, and he will go to work for you. Zinke will hold Joe Biden and his Administration accountable, he will work to lower prices, and he will stand up for our freedoms we’ve seen the Democrats try to destroy.

For Montana’s Second Congressional District, Congressman Matt Rosendale is the right choice. As Montana’s current Congressman, he has stepped up to address the southern border crisis. After Rosendale went to the southern border to see the crisis firsthand, he introduced legislation to secure our border to stop the rise in crime and flow of illegal drugs and illegal immigrants that are flooding into our communities. In Congress, Rosendale will continue to promote American energy independence, stand with our veterans, and put America first.

Taking back our country doesn’t stop with the congressional races – every race down the ballot is critical to keeping Montana, Montana. The outcome of the Montana Supreme Court race is going to have a major impact on the continued success of our great state. Montanans have been let down by our Supreme Court for far too long — and liberal activist judge Ingrid Gustafson has been a part of it every step of the way. Gustafson has ignored her ethical obligations, refused to recuse herself in a case brought by her own employee, and even ruled in favor of her own campaign supporters without disclosing her conflict of interest. Unfortunately, her corrupt tactics don’t stop there. Gustafson was given an “F Rating” by the Montana Chamber of Commerce for being bad for Montana businesses. She has continued to side with criminals instead of law enforcement officers and put dangerous criminals back on our streets while also being a threat to our Second Amendment rights.

Montanans deserve a justice who will put people over personal interests and who will preserve the rule of law. Luckily, Montanans have the option to replace Gustafson on the bench by electing James Brown. As a fourth-generation Montanan and constitutional conservative, Brown is the right person for the job. Brown has fought to protect Montana farmers, ranchers, and small businesses. He will prop up Montana’s small businesses and protect Montana jobs. Brown will support our Second Amendment, not infringe on our Constitutional rights, and he will stand with the brave men and women who keep our communities safe.

There is a lot on the line this year, but this election is our chance to get our great nation back on track. The choice is clear: vote for Republican candidates. If you do, we can help keep Montana, Montana.

Don Kaltschmidt is chair of the Montana Republican Party. He lives in Whitefish.