Saturday, November 26, 2022

Law roundup: Dog walker suspicious of ‘weird guy’

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 8, 2022 12:00 AM

A man took his dog out and startled a “weird guy” in his driveway who claimed he left his bicycle somewhere in the area. The dog owner, though, grew suspicious that the man was a suspect in a burglary that occurred in the area. When the dog owner said he was going to call the Kalispell Police Department, the man reportedly asked him not to.

A man wearing a black jacket and orange shirt allegedly kept going out into the street and stopping vehicles that sped off to get away from him.

A later call came in about a man wearing a dark-colored coat and black beanie who was allegedly running out into traffic and banging on vehicle windows.

A very intoxicated man demanded law enforcement give him a ride home and was under the impression that “when you are drunk and need a ride home you call the police.” He threatened to walk down the middle of the road until he was hit after dispatch advised him to call for a cab or find alternative transportation because law enforcement wasn’t a taxi service. Dispatch asked him if he was suicidal and he said, “No.”

He may have forgotten the conversation when he called back later wanting to know why an officer wasn’t there yet to pick him up. He again demanded to be picked up and said he was going to start walking.

A man reportedly walked into a woman’s residence through the unlocked door and refused to leave but eventually moved along without incident. The woman was counseled by a social worker on locking her door and ending contact with the man.

Someone’s niece was reportedly watching a friend’s dog for a couple of hours and the friend never returned to pick it up, which became a problem when she brought the canine to her house and it wasn’t getting along with her dog.

Kids allegedly rolled up to a home in a black SUV and smashed a pumpkin in the driveway, which was caught on a security camera.

Mail wasn’t being delivered to a residence because a vehicle with a “for sale” sign had been blocking the mailbox for a week. The vehicle was stickered with a notice to move it within 72 hours.

A bear was spotted in a tree across the street from someone who noted it was a “full-grown adult bear” and not a “little bear.”

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