Saturday, November 26, 2022

Law roundup: Shoplifter plans TV dinner night

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 9, 2022 12:00 AM

Maybe it was a man’s earnest desire to have a relaxing meal while watching television that led him to risk a stressful chase after reportedly stealing a TV dinner and batteries, possibly for a remote.

A man, who allegedly attacked someone a couple of weeks ago, put a hatchet through their car window.

Someone parked next to a white van by a casino was shocked to see a naked woman and called the Kalispell Police Department to voice concerns there was sexual activity going on. An officer made contact with a man, who was compliant until the officer asked about the alleged indecent exposure. The man began yelling profanities at the officer after they said goodnight.

A nasty neighbor reportedly threatened to kick someone’s adult son’s tuchus and the car he was getting into. They later said he didn’t actually threaten any physical harm, just to kick the car.

A tall, skinny and barefoot man wearing a tan Carhartt jacket and a black bandana reportedly went to a woman’s apartment and waltzed right in and then back walked out. Officers went through the building but were unable to locate the unknown man.

At first, a driver was concerned about a man reportedly standing on the edge of the overpass but changed his mind when he instead chucked something at their car. No damage was found.

A man complained about teens throwing snowballs over the fence that allegedly hit windows on his house. He ran them off but still wanted to speak to their parents.

More than three calls came in complaining about a crowd congregating around a bear in a tree on Friday. The callers worried the people were preventing it from coming down and retreating. Vehicles were also stopping in front of the residence temporarily hosting the bear. Officers taped off someone's property at the request of a homeowner, but wouldn’t close down the road. Another call came in about the bear, which apparently got down and was seen walking in the neighborhood. By this time, officers were well aware of the bear and were advised by wildlife experts to leave it alone and it would leave the area.

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